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65 Useful Content Moderation Stats You Need to Know

Feb 6 2020

Users’ expectations are at an all-time high and losing your customers to your competition is, of course, out of the question. Platforms need to do everything in their power to ensure a seamless and safe experience on their site. That’s why content moderation has never been more vital to gain and retain customers.

Browsing the web for content moderation statistics? Look no further. We have compiled a list of 65 statistics about the landscape of content moderation from user experience, to customer service or stats relating to your specific industry.

  1. User Experience
  2. Reviews
  3. Dating
  4. Sharing economy
  5. Online marketplaces
  6. Customer service
  7. Scams
  8. Online harassment

User Experience

Online shoppers have no time to waste. They are expecting to find what they are looking for instantly. Competing for users’ attention is a tricky business. Only one negative experience can send your users away, seeking a better place to shop from. Proper categorization, smooth navigation, good searchability and no duplicates all play a key role in creating a seamless experience in order to win customers and keep them coming back.


Reviews can make or break your business. With customers relying more and more on reviews to buy products or services (and even trusting fellow online reviewers as much as their friends and family) genuine user reviews are an excellent way for users to gain trust in your platform.

However, fake reviews are multiplying quickly online, and this could eroding the trust needed to convert buyers. So, how can you prevent fake reviews on your site? Setting up a reliable content moderation process is your best bet to protect your site. Find out more about tackling fake reviews here.


Heterosexual couples are more likely to meet a romantic partner online than through personal contacts and connections according to a recent study. The dating industry is booming, yet it is still facing countless challenges: rude messages, inappropriate images and in the worst of cases, sexual harassment.

To succeed in the business, you need to handle these threats with an effective content moderation strategy. The following online dating stats will give you a better idea of the challenges to be faced head-on.

Learn how to moderate without censoring

Why moderating content without censoring users demands consistent, transparent policies.


Sharing economy

The sharing economy is forging its way into all types of industries, from the gig economy to transportation or housing, no sector will be left untouched in the future. Yet, the sharing industry comes with its own set of challenges, privacy and safety being the two leading causes of concern.

Online marketplaces

With conscious consumerism on the rise, online marketplaces are trendier by the day. But in this competitive environment, online marketplaces need to set themselves apart. Optimizing your platform’s experience is a must if you wish to stay in the race.

Customer service

Customer service has become progressively more important for customers in the past few years. Have a look at the following statistics to help you improve your customer service and become their preferred platform.


Scams can be found everywhere, and because of their sophistication level can be hard to detect or get rid of. Still, scams hurt businesses and drive user trust away. Check out our blog post on the 5 common online marketplace scams to see how you can fight back.

Online harassment

Online harassment is a plague with dire consequences. Get to know the following stats to better your content moderation and fight back on online harassment.

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