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Protect Your Platform With Bot and Spam Detection

Facing bot and spam account issues? Navigate smoothly with our smart detection system. We swiftly identify and remove these disruptors, ensuring an authentic user experience. Ready to shield your platform and foster user trust? Discover our features and get started.

Efficient spam and bot detection

Imagine your platform flooded with fake accounts, disrupting genuine user activity and skewing your analytics. This is where our system steps in. With its ability to swiftly identify patterns typical of bot and spam accounts, the system allows for their quick removal and prevents them from polluting your platform.

  • Swift identification and removal of bot and spam accounts.
  • Prevention of disruption and pollution of your platform.

Welcome to the age of fake dating profiles

Group of chat boxes discussing inappropriate things that Besedo content moderation will refuse.
Collage of filter images being either approved or refused by the Besedo content moderator.

Customizable detection criteria

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to bot and spam detection. You wouldn’t want to flag a genuine user as spam because of rigid detection criteria. Our system allows customization of your detection criteria, ensuring the solution aligns perfectly with your platform’s unique requirements.

Our machine learning is always perfecting itself to further detect human behavior such as sarcasm and banter.

  • Flexibility to customize detection criteria to suit your unique requirements.
  • Accurate differentiation between genuine users and spam or bot accounts.

Enhance user experience

Nobody likes their feed getting cluttered with irrelevant spam content. It’s annoying and leads to a poor user experience.

By preventing bot and spam accounts from causing harm, we ensure that your users have a smooth, enjoyable, and meaningful interaction on your platform.

And by managing such threats, we help protect your platform’s reputation and promote its healthy growth.

  • Reduced clutter from irrelevant spam content.
  • Smooth, enjoyable, and meaningful user interactions.

Learn more about nudity and NSFW detection

Collage of images being either approved or refused by the Besedo content moderator.

And much more. Get access to a powerful content moderation API, an effective user interface for your moderators, custom filtering and tagging of content, AI-based automation, localized moderation, optional outsourcing of human moderators, and the list goes on. A complete content moderation solution any way you slice or dice it.

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