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Digital Services Act (DSA): What It Is and What It Means for Content Moderation

We explain what you need to know everything you need to know about this new law in an easy-to-understand way. Stay ahead of the game from transparency and accountability to prohibiting dark patterns.

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The World’s Top Online Marketplaces

Find out which online marketplaces are the biggest in various countries, categories, and more in our list of the biggest marketplaces online.


Evolution of Language, Part Three

Online communication doesn’t just build on how offline communication works but offers something new and different. Let’s dive in and find out more.


Evolution of Language, Part Two

Have you ever been overheard and misunderstood by a stranger? It’s not, thankfully, an everyday occurrence, but it is something that most of us have probably experienced at least once.


Evolution of Language, Part One

It’s easy to talk and think about forums without being conscious of the word’s original meaning: in the Roman Empire, a forum was the public space built at the center of every town or habitation.


A Quick Look at Trends in Content Moderation

Content moderation has often been seen as a defensive measure, protecting businesses against negative outcomes, and new legislation may well sharpen what that looks like.

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This Month in Moderation: March 2021

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This Month in Moderation: February 2021

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65 Useful Content Moderation Stats You Need to Know

Here is a list of 60+ statistics about content moderation from online marketplaces, the dating industry, and the sharing economy.