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Nudity detection and image moderation you can rely on

Build safe dating sites and family-friendly communities. Remove inappropriate images before they go live – customize everything to fit your rules and needs. Every platform has different tolerance levels when it comes to nudity. Our tech accurately detects and removes only what your site finds inappropriate.

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Advanced AI nudity and NSFW detection

Our AI-powered moderation solution can accurately identify and filter out explicit and NSFW content. This advanced feature enhances user safety and upholds your platform’s content standards, fostering an inclusive and respectful digital space.

Our AI-powered moderation solution is trained to understand and discern various degrees and types of explicit content, from nudity to suggestiveness and sexual content.

  • Accurate and context-aware content moderation process.
  • Ensure users engage in a respectful and secure digital environment.
  • The AI system continuously learns and adapts to new forms of explicit content and evolving user behavior.
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Why digital platforms use Besedo

  • To quickly identify unwanted images
  • To screen restricted activities and products
  • To detect attempts to circumvent platforms
  • To detect stolen or AI-generated images
Besedo nudity filter

Customized nudity detection models

All models are built and based on your datasets. This way, you can make accurate decisions that fit your unique site and community.

Tailor the intensity of NSFW detection according to your platform’s unique needs and audience demographic. This flexible approach allows your business to maintain its brand identity while adapting to various user sensitivities, ultimately leading to higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Draw the line as it fits your platform.


Monitor all your content

All user-generated content like text, images, videos, user reviews, comments, surveys, and more.

Custom filters for you

Quickly create and edit rules as easily and straightforwardly or complexly as you like with an intuitive editor.

Reports and insights

Export your content data directly from Besedo and integrate your insights with your favorite BI tool.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Watch all data with approval and refusal reasons, notes, and stats displayed in a modern, beautiful interface.

Protect your users from inappropriate pictures 24/7

Our content moderation solution operates 24/7, ensuring your platform is consistently protected from explicit and NSFW content. This constant vigilance means a safer online environment for your users, regardless of their time zones or browsing habits.

Explicit content is promptly identified and handled, minimizing its exposure to your audience and ensuring a secure and comfortable user experience.

  • Get peace of mind knowing that your platform is always monitored for inappropriate content.
  • Good for the brand! Maintain a high content standard, reflecting positively on your business values and ethos.

Doxxing: How to protect your platform and users

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And much more. Get access to a powerful content moderation API, an effective user interface for your moderators, custom filtering and tagging of content, AI-based automation, localized moderation, optional outsourcing of human moderators, and the list goes on. A complete content moderation solution any way you slice or dice it.

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Incredible companies of all sizes use Besedo

Every day we protect billions of users and help make the internet safer.

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