AI-powered nudity detection

Build safe dating sites and family-friendly communities. Remove inappropriate images before they go live – customize everything to fit your rules and needs. Every platform has different tolerance levels when it comes to nudity, our tech accurately detects and removes only what your site finds inappropriate.

Content moderation made easy

Protect your users with automated filters. Besedo provides an all-in-one moderation platform that is fully data compliant and AI-powered.

Customized nudity detection models

All models are built and based on your datasets. This way you get accurate decisions that fit your unique site and community.

Draw the line as it fits your platform.

Protect your users from inappropriate pictures 24/7

Users don’t wait for your content moderation team to get to work. With automated nudity detection, you get images online faster reducing the need for manual moderation by as much as 50%

Always on and near-instant image moderation.

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

By improving customer experience, we help companies establish loyal user bases that fuel growth. Some of our clients include:
Portrait of Ross Williams, Venntro Media Group

Ross Williams, CEO, Venntro Media Group


“Since outsourcing to Besedo I would never go back. The quality of the moderation is higher, the speed is faster, the cost is cheaper, and the end-user experience, as a result, is much better.”

Jimin Lee

Jimin Lee, Director of Trust and Safety

“What we love the most is its simple UI for content moderation and flexibility for us to customize based on our needs.”

Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist


“Besedo offered an easy solution exactly targeting our needs. We couldn’t have been able to develop a better solution.”

Khuntida Srisinsamut

Khuntida Srisinsamut, Moderation Assistant Manager


“What we really like about Besedo is their responsiveness in supporting Kaidee and continuously improving Implio.”

Spark Networks logo

Markus Bähr, Director Customer Success

Spark Networks

“Besedo’s solution is customized to fit our needs exactly. They have listened closely to our requirements from the beginning of our partnership and adapted their deliveries based on our feedback. I have never met a team more passionate about their product.”

Sandra Villanueva

Sandra Villanueva, COO


“We are very impressed with Besedo’s flexibility both in terms of processes and their customer-centric approach. We have been able to automate up to 80% of our content.”

Easy setup

Get started with Besedo’s automated nudity detection

Step 1

Get in touch

Simply get in touch and send us your contact information

Step 2

Easy setup

A moderation expert will help find the right setup for you

Step 3

We create an AI model

The AI model is created based on your data and input

Step 4

24/7 monitoring

The AI model detects nudity 24/7 supporting manual efforts

A complete, scalable solution for better content moderation

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