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Content moderation solutions for all industries and markets

Our content moderation tools and services can be adapted and integrated with any type of app or online service. The mission is to help you grow without worrying about any negative impacts from user-generated content.

Industries we are working with

We are proud to be working with a wide variety of companies. Here are some examples of the industries we are helping with content moderation.

Photo of Jimin Lee from Change.org

“With Besedo we’ve improved moderation accuracy by over 90%, the number of items detected by 600%, and reduced the manual review time by 17%”

— Jimin Lee, Director Trust & Safety

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Why choose Besedo? Let us tell you

A complete content moderation solution

Get access to AI-based automation and smart filters, moderation analytics and reporting, and much more in a full suite of customizable content moderation tools.

For any manual moderation needs, use your own in-house content moderators, or outsource everything to us.

Mockup of users being flagged for inappropriate behavior inside the Besedo dashboard.
Mockup of API integration with Besedo

Scale your platform with confidence

Good content moderation is hard, especially when your business is growing.

We would love to work with you and help you optimize your content moderation speed, accuracy and cost. You can focus your energy on building your product and your business.

Also: Besedo’s Content Moderation API is your ace in the deck. Our RESTful HTTP architecture ensures smooth and effortless integration into your platform.

Start today – meet a content moderation specialist

When you partner up with us here at Besedo, we will make it our mission to give you access to the very best content moderation tools and resources, customized and integrated with your platform, online service, or app.

Dedicated specialist as your point of contact

We’ll set you up with a content moderation specialist supporting you and your business. Experienced, adaptable, and above all, service-minded. Your specialist will always add value.

Tailor-made solution for your business

Every company’s need is different, and with over 20 years of experience, we know how to create an affordable and world-class solution for all company sizes.

One-to-one support and response within 24 hours

You get one-tap access to your content moderation specialist who can help with everything. That way, you’re never left sleepless at night.

Or just a quick chat 👋