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Make your platform safer with profanity filters

Profanity filters can amp up user experience and secure online communities. Keep users happy and engaged by blocking profanities and inappropriate comments with Besedo’s customizable foul language filter.

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Hassle-free user protection

Our all-in-one moderation tool comes with a set of free filters right out of the box. Our profanity filters are fully customizable to catch even the most obscure offensive language, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your online platform.

Quickly create new or edit your filters to fit your specific platform.

  • No setup is required.
  • Integrate via the API and activate the filters.
  • Catch profanities from day one.

Why digital platforms use Besedo

A mockup illustration of a marketplace where a user has tried to post unwanted content.

What our free profanity filters catch

We give you full control of all filters. Create new, update existing, and import your pre-existing lists to expand on what the filters catch. Customize the setup so it fits your specific needs.

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Leet speak
  • Obfuscation
  • Additional spacing
  • Special character insertion
  • Hyphenation


Monitor all your content

All user-generated content like text, images, videos, user reviews, comments, surveys, and more.

Custom filters for you

Quickly create and edit rules as easily and straightforwardly or complexly as you like with an intuitive editor.

Reports and insights

Export your content data directly from Besedo and integrate your insights with your favorite BI tool.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Watch all data with approval and refusal reasons, notes, and stats displayed in a modern, beautiful interface.

Tailor filters to your specific needs

With full control of all the filters, you can customize them to your specific needs.

Filter out offensive language and create a more positive user experience with higher-quality content. Get increased engagement and a more successful platform

Group of chat boxes discussing inappropriate things that Besedo content moderation will refuse.

And much more. Get access to a powerful content moderation API, an effective user interface for your moderators, custom filtering and tagging of content, AI-based automation, localized moderation, optional outsourcing of human moderators, and the list goes on. A complete content moderation solution any way you slice or dice it.

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Incredible companies of all sizes use Besedo

Every day we protect billions of users and help make the internet safer.

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