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Better quality posts and chats for better community building

Grow a larger, more dedicated userbase by putting high-quality conversations in the spotlight using our content moderation solutions.

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Enhance the content shared in your community

Community engagement is driven by the quality and relevance of the content. Ensure that your community is vibrant by keeping your users compliant to your policies. Besedo will ensure that we address only the content you consider harmful and take an appropriate action.

Cyberbullying / Online Harassment

Limit the damage made by toxic users and ensure everyone can enjoy using your platform.

Hate Speech

Ensure that your users do not have to worry about upsetting content. Prevent censorship by tailoring the strictness of the moderation to your platform and its needs.


Detect and reject inappropriate pictures, videos and unsolicited offers before they go live. Our nudity filters allow to differentiate between explicit and suggestive content, tailoring moderation to your user base’s needs.


Prevent fraudsters from accessing your platform and creating detrimental interactions that damage your reputation.

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Case study Communities and Forums AI & Automation

Case Study: How Anibis improved user experience with AI moderation

Learn how Besedo helped Swiss-based reach 99.8% accuracy, and 94% automation, and improve items moderated from 10% to 100%

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