Fraud prevention – stop fake dating profiles, fake listings, spam comments and more

Create a safer and more trustworthy platform for your users with AI-powered content moderation. Our deep learning algorithms can quickly identify and remove inappropriate or fraudulent content in real-time, allowing valuable and meaningful user-generated content to shine.

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This is what Besedo will do for you

Content moderation that keeps your platform safe from scam and fraud so you can focus on your product.

Real-time Fraud Detection

Quickly detect and prevent fraud with real-time monitoring, keeping your platform secure and your users safe.

Contextual AI-Powered Solutions

Use the power of contextual AI to identify and prevent fraud, keeping your platform secure.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Monitor and manage all of your fraud prevention efforts with ease using our easy to understand dashboard.

Customizable Filters

Use filters to tailor your fraud prevention strategy to meet your specific needs, ensure only legitimate content is allowed on your platform.

Scalable Solutions

Ensure your fraud prevention efforts keep pace with your platform’s growth, using scalable solutions that can adapt as needed.

Learn how content moderation can work for you and your users

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Incredible companies of all sizes use Besedo

Every day we protect billions of users and help make the internet safer.

Profanity filters

Uncover complex behaviors with precision

Harmful and fraudulent user-generated content poses a major threat to businesses, leading to the removal from app stores, hefty fines, and blacklisting by payment processors.

Some behaviors are easy to spot, while others require a deeper understanding of context.

Our Contextual AI tracks user activity, including what they’re saying, when they’re saying it, and where they’re saying it. We even remember their past behavior to understand the context better. With all this information, our AI can spot potential problems and keep your platform safe and secure.

This is what we detect

Besedo goes above and beyond to detect patterns and identify behaviors that others miss, including:

  • Fake profiles
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Phishing
  • Romance scams
  • Underage and CSAM
  • Rental scams
  • Fake listings
  • Threats
  • Solicitation of sex
  • Duplication
  • Hate speech
  • … and a lot more
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“Since outsourcing to Besedo, the quality of the moderation is higher, the speed is faster, the cost is cheaper, and the end-user experience, as a result, is much better.”

Portrait of Ross Williams, Venntro Media Group

Ross Williams
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“With Besedo we’ve improved moderation accuracy by over 90%, the number of items detected by 600%, and reduced the manual review time by 17%”

Jimin Lee

Jimin Lee
Director of Trust and Safety

What makes Besedo better?

Learn how Besedo helps with content moderation challenges. Together we are creating a safer internet for more than 400 million users.

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