Stop Fake Dating Profiles, Fake Listings, Spam Comments and More

Create a safer and more trustworthy platform for your users with AI-powered content moderation. Our deep learning algorithms can quickly identify and remove inappropriate or fraudulent content in real-time, allowing valuable and meaningful user-generated content to shine.

Real-time fraud detection

Our content moderation solution identifies and flags suspicious activities in real-time, minimizing the risk of fraudulent actions impacting your business and users. The immediacy of our system not only mitigates potential damages but also helps in promptly addressing and rectifying the issue.

  • Detect suspicious activities as they occur.
  • Build user trust by minimizing disruptions.
  • Flag issues from an easy-to-use control panel.

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Group of chat boxes discussing inappropriate things that Besedo content moderation will refuse.
Collage of filter images being either approved or refused by the Besedo content moderator.

Provide a great user experience

An estimated 3% of all user-generated content is a scam. Each day Besedo manual experts intercept 100,000 scams, preventing churn and keeping millions of people safe.

With user-generated content platforms, you’re essentially handing over a massive chunk of your user experience to your community.

No one wants to wade through inappropriate images, catfishing, and harassment on your marketplace or your dating app.

  • Monitor all user-generated content; text, images, user reviews, comments, surveys, and everything else.
  • We also detect romance scams, phishing, doxxing, and any scam that can damage your business.
  • Maintain a smooth platform operation, ensuring user satisfaction.

AI algorithms + Humans + Filters

Some behaviors are easy to spot, while others require a deeper understanding of context.

Our Contextual AI tracks user activity, including what they’re saying, when they’re saying it, and where they’re saying it. We even remember their past behavior to understand the context better. With all this information, our AI can spot potential problems and keep your platform safe and secure.

Add human content moderators plus filter management, and you have even more skill at reading between the lines, with native language nuances, and a lot more.

  • Flexible staffing prepared to handle volume spikes.
  • Daily support from a content moderation specialist.
  • Support that speaks the languages you work in.
Collage of images being either approved or refused by the Besedo content moderator.

And much more. Get access to a powerful content moderation API, an effective user interface for your moderators, custom filtering and tagging of content, AI-based automation, localized moderation, optional outsourcing of human moderators, and the list goes on. A complete content moderation solution any way you slice or dice it.

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Learn how Besedo helps with content moderation challenges. Together we are creating a safer internet for more than 400 million users.

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