Fraud prevention – stop fake dating profiles, fake listings, spam comments and more

Almost 2% of all uploaded content is a scam. Each day Besedo manual experts intercept 50,000 scams, preventing churn, and keeping millions of people safe.

How are you protecting your users against:

Fake profiles

Stock photos and stolen identities; Scammers have many ways to forge a profile, tricking your users into thinking they are genuine.


Scammers use too good to be true job listings and product offers to gather personal data, like emails or account details from your users. The data is sold or used for later scam attacks.

Romance scams

“I am a God-fearing man/woman” is a recurring quote in scam profiles, Romance scams should be easy to spot yet 25% of reported cases include financial losses.

Pyramid/Ponzi/Downline schemes

These types of scams are promising a huge profit as long as the victim drags more people into the scheme.

Fake listings

Items for sale at a price slightly under market value. Buyers will never see the shadow of the product they paid for.

Rental scams

Non-existing accommodations listed for rent, especially during vacation time or at the start of school years.

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Scams erode user trust and retention

50% of people who sees a scam on a site will be unlikely to return. With 15 years of experience in content moderation, Besedo combines manual moderation, automation filters, and state-of-the-art machine learning to eliminate the threat of scams.

Each month we prevent more than 1 million scams before they ever go live, helping our clients build scam-free sites and trust with their users.

Our approach in fighting scams

We have a modular approach to building fraud preventing solutions based on the requirements of your site.

For instance, on top of customized AI scam spotting models, we could add trust and safety services like account takeover and Trojan fraud detection.

Our tech is built by a team of data scientists and linguists who regularly train the machine, measure its performance and fine-tune the models and filters.

Our services

With more than 20 years in the industry, we have acquired the insights and experience needed to be proactive and spot scams early. Learn how is getting help from Besedo

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