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Sharing economy

Trustworthy interactions for confident sharing

Encourage users to engage with your platform more deeply by enhancing peer-to-peer interactions and avoiding platform leakage.

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Make your Sharing Economy site safer

Are you worried about platform leakage or fraudulent transactions? We’ve got you covered!

Platform leakage

Take action when your users try to leave your platform and engage in risky behavior. Ensure their safety and that the transaction is carried out on your site.


Prevent fraudsters from accessing your platform and creating detrimental interactions that damage your reputation.

Illegal items

Train our AI with your data and policies to identify and reject disallowed and illegal items.

Genuine reviews

27% of people will trust reviews only if they believe them to be authentic. Safeguard your site from fake reviews to avoid user churn.

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Case study: How Kaidee moved from manual moderation to 85% automation

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