Sportsmanlike conduct for the next generation of competitive gaming

Ensure that gaming stays fun with carefully tailored moderation that makes every player feel welcome and safe.

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Ensure users can enjoy your game to its fullest!

Users love to chat real time while they play: ensure they can have the best multiplayer experience with strangers and friends alike.

Profanity filters

Identify and either remove or blur out user profanity seamlessly and in real time.

Cyberbullying / Online Harassment

Limit the damage made by toxic users and ensure everyone can enjoy using your platform.

Hate Speech

Ensure that your users do not have to worry about upsetting content. Prevent censorship by tailoring the strictness of the moderation to your platform and its needs.


Detect and reject inappropriate pictures, videos and unsolicited offers before they go live. Our nudity filters allow to differentiate between explicit and suggestive content, tailoring moderation to your user base’s needs.

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Case study Communities and SoMe AI

Case Study: How Anibis improved user experience with AI moderation

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“Besedo offered an easy solution exactly targeting our needs. We couldn’t have been able to develop a better solution.”

Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist

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