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A complete, scalable solution for better content moderation

Our content moderation platform combines AI and human expertise to provide a safe and outstanding user experience. With accurate real-time capabilities, we create a safer and more positive internet for everyone.

Trusted by companies of all sizes around the world

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Powering content moderation for all platforms

Detect harmful content with AI-driven moderation

Utilize our platform’s advanced AI capabilities to moderate content efficiently. Our sophisticated algorithms learn and adapt, accurately identifying harmful or inappropriate content. This will allow your platform to grow with engaged, happy users who trust you.

Protect your online community with technology that evolves as fast as the internet.

Explore our use cases

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Mockup of users being flagged for inappropriate behavior inside the Besedo dashboard.

A great user experience loved by all customers

We ensure your platform isn’t just a hub for interaction but a fortress of user data protection. We guard your users’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like a hawk, thwarting data breaches before they occur.

Say goodbye to unwanted content with our vigilant systems, designed to detect and remove suspicious activities. Turn your platform into a bastion of trust and security, letting your users interact with peace of mind.

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All content moderated

Where there is user-generated content, you need moderation. Create an amazing platform for your users – whether your business is gaming, dating, sharing economy, marketplace, chats, or any other use case.

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Reports and analytics built-in

Get insights to run, grow, and understand your business. Export reports directly from Besedo to your inbox and create executive-level reports with performance metrics for all your user-generated content. Learn more about reports

Grow your user base

Create a safe place from start

User profiles should play by the house rules. You shouldn’t have to worry about onboarding users with unwanted profile pictures or questionable information.

Besedo makes it easy, we not only check user-generated content but will also make your users comply with your rules.

Allow people to sign up or create accounts to support your platform, and be sure that it’s a nice place – for everyone.

Say hello to a growing user base.

Why leading platforms are choosing Besedo

Billions in sight, scaling without limits

Built for scale, tailored for giants. We handle over 1 billion monthly API calls with 99.99% uptime. The Besedo platform has the scale to suit global customers – big and small – with reliable and uninterrupted service.

Proven product – loved by millions

Powering some of the digital world’s giants, our tech is the invisible force behind platforms loved by millions. Companies like eBay, Vivino, BlaBlaCar, Wizz, Change.org, and 9GAG trust us, among countless others.

One control panel – endless opportunities

Unleash your business potential with Besedo’s diverse offering. From seamless user onboarding to securing customer loyalty and processing billions of content pieces – we’ve got your ambitions covered.


“We’ve improved moderation accuracy by over 90%, the number of items detected by 600%, and reduced the manual review time by 17%”


“Our users told us the difference they noticed even on our first day with Besedo.”

Start today – meet a content moderation specialist

When you partner up with us here at Besedo, we will make it our mission to give you access to the very best content moderation tools and resources, customized and integrated with your platform, online service, or app.

Dedicated specialist as your point of contact

We’ll set you up with a content moderation specialist supporting you and your business. Experienced, adaptable, and above all, service-minded. Your specialist will always add value.

Tailor-made solution for your business

Every company’s need is different, and with over 20 years of experience, we know how to create an affordable and world-class solution for all company sizes.

One-to-one support and response within 24 hours

You get one-tap access to your content moderation specialist who can help with everything. That way, you’re never left sleepless at night.

Or just a quick chat 👋