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This is what we handle

Eliminating fraud is a must, yet all successful marketplaces know it’s not enough. Success is built on three pillars – trust, content quality and user experience.
That´s why we manage a broad range of content challenges.

2% of all user generated content is fraudulent. Protect your users against romance scams, pyramid schemes or “too good to be true” offers.


75% of users encounter duplicate content when browsing online marketplaces. Improve user experience and onsite SEO with de-duplation tech.

Image quality

100% of users state that image quality is the main reason for preferring one site over another. Remove stock photos, blurry images, and other low-quality pictures.


Keep your site family-friendly by rejecting inappropriate pictures and preventing unsolicited offers before they go live.


13% of people have stopped using an online service after observing harassment of others. Stop both targeted harassment, hate speech and social bullying.


Counterfeits are consistently one of the top 3 items we reject. Improve user experience and avoid lawsuits by removing fake products from your site.

Illegal items

Comply with ever more stringent government regulations by removing illegal items like drugs, weapons or culturally sensitive content.


73% would not return to a site where they encountered irrelevant items. Increase conversion and reduce churn by ensuring correct categorization.

“Implio has been a great choice for us so far. Just with the customizable and easy to use filters alone, we have been able to automate up to 80% of our content.”

Sandra Villanueva
COO, Fincaraiz

This is where we find it

To handle the complex nature of user generated content you need a multi-pronged content moderation strategy.
1-2-1 messaging

How it works

Your marketplace is unique, so are your needs. Customize implio based on your specific requirements. Edit prebuilt filters, enable text and image vision, choose from multiple moderation interfaces. Or simply let our data scientists build a personalized AI model for you.
Import data through API
The Implio API is built on a RESTful architecture which allows easy integration.
Automatic data review
Customizable filters, tailored AI and text&image vision moderate your data.
Manual data review
Depending on automation findings, data is either sent for manual moderation or directly back through the API with a decision.
Decisions are sent back
Data is sent back through the API with a clear decision to either refuse or accept.
Understand your content and inventory challenges better with approved vs. refused ratios and rule match tests.
Visual representation of your volume flow makes it easy to staff and plan better.

Let's grow with trust together

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Trusted by customers worldwide

“This has helped us build a high level trust with our users, a vital component to our growth and continued leadership within the market.

Since 2002 Besedo has helped us keep our users safe through efficient content moderation and operational fraud fighting.“

Thomas Backer
Head of Customer Security, Blocket


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