data-driven content moderation services and solutions to help you grow with trust

User-centric insights and quality content are key to building a trust-based society online. An online world, where users interact fearlessly with one another and digital businesses thrive.

solutions for marketplaces who understand that user trust is key

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Grow with quality content

Let genuine, relevant and descriptive content drive user engagement.

Keep your users and brand safe

Protect your users from scammers and inappropriate behavior.

Global insights, local application

Leverage global trends and understand what content drives growth.

Flexible & scalable

Scale according to your needs and pick the capabilities you require.

a complete content moderation solution

To truly grow with trust, you need a team of data scientists, linguists, analysts, expert moderators, trust and safety professionals and filter specialists.

With Besedo as a partner we have you covered for all your content moderation needs.


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AI and computer vision

Tailor-made solutions, powered by deep learning, for your specific content moderation needs, built on your data.
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All-in-one tool

Synchronize all your content moderation efforts using one tool with both manual and automation capabilities.
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Human intelligence

Engaged moderators leverage expertise and insights, delivering data-driven content moderation solutions.
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Since 2002 Besedo has helped us keep our users safe through efficient content moderation and operational fraud fighting. This has helped us build a high level trust with our users, a vital component to our growth and continued leadership within the market.

Thomas Backer
Head of Customer Security, Blocket

Our business rely heavily on user trust, which is why we chose Besedo as our content moderation partner. They understand the importance of detecting and removing scammers quickly while maintaining a low false positive rate to ensure minimal impact for genuine users. For 3 years Besedo has provided us with high accuracy, automated content moderation, keeping our users safe and maintaining a smooth customer experience. 

Vincent Galeraud
Director Customer Care, Meetic-Match group EMEA-APAC

Keeping content safe and high quality is a must in the classifieds industry. Besedo are experts in this field.

Mary Pastor
Quality & Fraud Manager, Schibsted Spain

Our main reasons to work with Besedo for Human Moderation and Customer Support were the high quality output and flexibility to scale, offered by Besedo. The entire project was implemented on-time against a very stiff timeline. We are very happy to have them as our partner.

Paul Medrisch,
COO, Emerging Markets, Letgo

We are very impressed with Besedo’s flexibility both in terms of processes and their customer centric approach. Besedo’s content moderation tool – Implio has been a great choice for us so far. Just with the customizable and easy to use filters alone, we have been able to automate up to 80% of our content.

Sandra Villanueva
COO, Fincaraiz

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