A better dating experience with the power of content moderation

Keep your dating app safe and clean with content moderation. Protect users from harmful or inappropriate content, and create a positive environment for meaningful connections.

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The Besedo success story with Venntro Media Group

“It’s really important to us that all our customers at Venntro have a safe and secure experience while using sites on our platform, and that’s why Besedo is so important for us; it gives us really high-quality moderation, it’s quick, and it’s very cost-effective.”

— Ross Williams, CEO, Venntro Media Group

Content moderation without killing the mood

We want content moderation to enhance your users’ experience and so they can find their special one more easily. Remove fake profiles and ensure everyone can chat fearlessly and fall in love.

Eliminate nudity and prostitution

Detect and reject inappropriate pictures, videos and unsolicited offers before they go live. Our nudity filters allow to differentiate between explicit and suggestive content, tailoring moderation to your user base’s needs.

Stop hate speech

Protect your users and your platform with tailored moderation that balances content freedom and safety. Say goodbye to censorship worries.

Detect cyberbullying and online Harassment

Eliminate toxic behavior and create a positive user experience. Your dating app will be a safe and enjoyable space for all.

No underage users

Underage users attempting to join dating apps can cause major problems. Protect both minors and adults and comply with new legal regulations and secure your platform.

Catch fake profiles

Protect your users from deceit and heartache. Besedo catches fake profiles and catfishing attempts, ensuring genuine connections and a safe dating experience for everyone on your platform.

Content moderation solutions to improve your dating platform

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Protect your users, improve customer experience, and grow your business today with content moderation.

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Portrait of Ross Williams, Venntro Media Group

Ross Williams, CEO, Venntro Media Group


“Since outsourcing to Besedo I would never go back. The quality of the moderation is higher, the speed is faster, the cost is cheaper, and the end-user experience, as a result, is much better.”

Jimin Lee

Jimin Lee, Director of Trust and Safety

“What we love the most is its simple UI for content moderation and flexibility for us to customize based on our needs.”

Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist


“Besedo offered an easy solution exactly targeting our needs. We couldn’t have been able to develop a better solution.”

Khuntida Srisinsamut

Khuntida Srisinsamut, Moderation Assistant Manager


“What we really like about Besedo is their responsiveness in supporting Kaidee and continuously improving Implio.”

Spark Networks logo

Markus Bähr, Director Customer Success

Spark Networks

“Besedo’s solution is customized to fit our needs exactly. They have listened closely to our requirements from the beginning of our partnership and adapted their deliveries based on our feedback. I have never met a team more passionate about their product.”

Sandra Villanueva

Sandra Villanueva, COO


“We are very impressed with Besedo’s flexibility both in terms of processes and their customer-centric approach. We have been able to automate up to 80% of our content.”