A better dating experience with the power of content moderation

Keep your dating app safe and clean with content moderation. Protect users from harmful or inappropriate content, and create a positive environment for meaningful connections.

Let Besedo take care of inappropriate content so you can continue to do what you do best: connect people who want to fall in love.

With Besedo, the quality of the moderation is higher, the cost is cheaper, and the end-user experience is much better

Ross Williams, CEO, Venntro Media Group
Ross Williams, CEO of Venntro Media Group speaks to Besedo
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Flirt Safely. Date Happily!

Roll up, roll up to the grand carnival of digital love! As a dating app maestro, you orchestrate a glorious symphony of love stories where the laughter rings louder than the ding of scam alerts.

Content moderation for dating sites and apps involves screening of user-shared images, videos, texts, and audio.

Let’s keep the digital dating sphere a place for butterflies in the stomach, not knots of concern.

Photo of Ozan Yerli, founder of Connected2Me

“We completed the implementation within two days. Our users told us the difference they noticed even on our first day with Besedo.”

— Ozan Yerli, CEO and Founder

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Active love – Active safety

Safeguarding user data and fostering respectful interactions take center stage. Besedo customers implement machine learning models and filters to identify, flag, and remove harmful content and profiles instantly.

Choose from pre-built filters or train your Besedo AI to detect users and behaviors that is unwanted. Detect nudity, remove hate speech, underage users, and much more.

Learn more about our use cases

User activity and misuse of an app
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Teamwork makes the dream work

Set up individual accounts for your entire team so you can collaborate. Forget tinfoil hats – we’re in the business of no-nonsense security.

Content moderation that scales with you

Besedo scales effortlessly with spikes on your dating app so you can handle even the most challenging times.

No need to worry about staffing to make sure your platform is moderated in real-time.

It’s already been taken care of.

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Bad romance – bad reputation

Dating platforms increasingly encounter serious challenges such as hate speech, harassment, child abuse, and trafficking.

Without around the clock moderation and active user reporting, these problems can soon spiral out of control.

The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you can fix it. Conversely, if you don’t know about a problem, you can’t fix it.

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest dating apps

The Besedo success story with Venntro Media Group

“It’s really important to us that all our customers at Venntro have a safe and secure experience while using sites on our platform, and that’s why Besedo is so important for us; it gives us really high-quality moderation, it’s quick, and it’s very cost-effective.”

— Ross Williams, CEO, Venntro Media Group

Grow your user base

Create a safe place from start

User profiles should play by the house rules. You shouldn’t have to worry about onboarding users with unwanted profile pictures or questionable information.

Besedo makes it easy, content moderation not only check user-generated content but will make your users comply with your rules.

Allow people to sign up, or create accounts to support your platform, and be sure that it’s a nice place – for everyone.

Say hello to a growing user base.

Content moderation without killing the mood

We want content moderation to enhance your users’ experience and so they can find their special one more easily. Remove fake profiles and ensure everyone can chat fearlessly and fall in love.

Eliminate nudity and prostitution

Detect and reject inappropriate pictures, videos and unsolicited offers before they go live. Our nudity filters allow to differentiate between explicit and suggestive content, tailoring moderation to your user base’s needs.

Detect bullying and harassment

A no is a no. Protect your users and your platform with tailored moderation that balances content freedom and safety. Eliminate toxic behavior and let your dating app be a safe and enjoyable space for all.

Catch fake or underage profiles

Protect your users from deceit and heartache. Besedo catches fake profiles and catfishing attempts. Protect both minors and adults and comply with new legal regulations and secure your platform.

Case study

Case study: Connected2.me optimized inappropriate content removal, reducing support requests by 80%

Learn how Besedo’s content moderation helped reduce support requests by 80% – Boosting accuracy, user trust, and overall user experience.
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