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High-quality content moderation for growing marketplaces

Give your users a world-class marketplace experience they’ll remember and trust.

Online marketplaces put their growth in the hands of their users, relying on high-quality listings and interactions. With Besedo you get effective content moderation that scales with your user base.

Besedo offered an easy solution exactly targeting our needs. We couldn’t have been able to develop a better solution.

Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist, Anibis
Photo of Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist at Anibis.ch
Screenshot of the Anibis.ch website seen from a laptop

A first-class marketplace experience

Besedo is your powerhouse among online marketplaces, where user-generated content is the cornerstone of growth, propelled by first-rate listings and effortless interactions. But with great growth comes great responsibility – to weed out the sketchy deals and sub-par listings.

That’s why we’re here: to deliver content moderation solutions that scale with you, making sure your marketplace stands as a pillar of quality and trust.

Tiwa York, CEO of Kaidee

“Content moderation and our ad quality team are the heart of our business. They keep the quality of our marketplace going.”

— Tiwa York, CEO

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Screenshot of team view with Besedo

Built for your entire team

Set up individual accounts for your entire team so you can collaborate. Forget tinfoil hats – we’re in the business of no-nonsense security.

Get reports to your inbox

No matter if your site or app has little user-generated content or billions of items – insight makes a difference. Dive into a detailed analytics overview of all your user-generated content.

Import the reports into your favorite business intelligence tool. This will allow you to dive deeper into the data and create all sorts of graphs and visualizations.

Learn more

Mockup of the Besedo reports with logos representing BI tools you can use.

A platform that scales with you

Besedo scales effortlessly with spikes on your marketplace so you can handle even the most challenging times.

No need to worry about staffing to make sure your platform is moderated in real-time.

Everything has been taken care of.

Graph displaying a spike in posted items to Besedo

Trusted by some of the world’s most innovative marketplaces

Grow your user base

Create a safe place from start

User profiles should play by the house rules. You shouldn’t have to worry about onboarding users with unwanted profile pictures or questionable information.

Besedo makes it easy, we not only check user-generated content but will also make your users comply with your rules.

Allow people to sign up or create accounts to support your platform, and be sure that it’s a nice place – for everyone.

Say hello to a growing user base.

A marketplace is just the start – build a brand and a reputation

This is where fraud prevention meets seamless categorization of listings. Say no to scams, illegal items, and online harassment. Embark on a journey to a safer, more efficient marketplace.

Icon depicting fraud

Prevent fraud

Protect your platform from scammers and bad actors with our state-of-the-art specialist fraud prevention tools and filters.

Icon depicting a list with check marks

Reject illegal items

Detect and reject illegal items. Everybody wants a safe and more excellent experience; don’t let anyone ruin that with bad listings.

Icon depicting a store

Remove counterfeits

Catch and remove fake products and profiles instantly with real-time moderation. Listings, profiles, and chats are kept clean.

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