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Case study: Connected2.me optimized inappropriate content removal, reducing support requests by 80%

Ozan Yerli, Founder and CEO of Connected2Me

Connected2Me is a social network that lets people chat anonymously with each other.

With over 3 million active monthly users spread across the globe, ensuring high-quality profiles and preventing inappropriate content was becoming a real challenge.

The challenge

Before working with Besedo, Connected2Me found it challenging to moderate content promptly; moderation delays resulted in unnecessary support tickets and left Connected2Me unable to deliver the safe and pleasant user experience they aimed for.

Connected2Me had tested generic AI-based automation tools but found the quality results unsatisfactory. A large global, multi-language user base proved particularly challenging, leaving them unable to automate the moderation process.

Connected2Me’s in-house support team reviewed profiles to keep up with moderation needs. However, the work was time-consuming, and the setup didn’t allow for 24/7 moderation and the real-time results that Connected2Me was aiming for to satisfy user expectations.

“The AI-based tools we tested were not accurate. Manual moderation was too time-consuming and challenging, and it took a lot of work to provide 24-hour moderation” says Connected2Me founder and CEO Ozan Yerli.

The result

Today Connected2Me sends all its user-generated content to Besedo for moderation. From day one of the new setup, users immediately noticed the improved content quality, and some customers even left positive feedback highlighting the enhanced quality of the app. As a result, support requests due to unwanted content have decreased significantly.

As a bonus, working with Besedo, Connected2Me has defined clear moderation rules, resulting in more transparent content guidelines.

“Besedo helped us kick-start our automated moderation process,” says Ozan Yerli. “We started getting results the same day when we completed the simple integration. Our users told us the difference they noticed even on our first day with Besedo.”

The process

Connected2Me reached out to Besedo in October 2018 for content moderation help. Their deadline was tight as Connected2Me met with investors two months later, in December, and wanted to ensure that the company had resolved all potential blockers before that.

After integrating with Implio, Connected2Me sent their first items to the Besedo team in mid-November 2018. After aligning on policies, Besedo created training materials, and the partnership went live.

Since the partnership began in 2018, Connected2Me has grown its user base rapidly. Still, Besedo’s flexible solution moderation efforts have scaled accordingly, keeping pace with demands, and have continuously delivered near-instant moderation results.

Working with Besedo

Implio’s dashboard gives Connected2Me real-time access to vital user and operational insights. They also have a dedicated account manager who keeps them updated and whom they can ping at any time if they have urgent questions.

Besedo and Connected2Me are in regular meetings. Besedo updates Connected2Me on performance, provides guidance, and allows for discussions around content moderation strategies.

Combined with the monthly client report, it ensures that Connected2Me consistently gets a micro and macro view of all moderation activities and impacts.

“The API was very clear and well documented. It was a very smooth and simple process. We completed the implementation within two days,” concludes Ozan Yerli.

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