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Case study: How Kaidee moved from manual moderation to 85% automation

Learn how Besedo helped Kaidee improve its UX, retention, and acquisition rates by improving the number of ads moderated within 5-minutes from 20% to 94%, and much more.

Kaidee came to Besedo in 2016 after facing a severe challenge. Unhappy users were sharing negative feedback online due to lengthy time-to-site when listing their items for sale on the site. At the time, Kaidee only managed to get less than 20% of their listings live within 5 minutes.

Our solution to Kaidee’s moderation needs and challenges was to overhaul their outdated moderation process entirely and speed up the time-to-site to meet the expectations of their 30 million users.

After partnering with Besedo for three years, Kaidee transformed their old moderation processes completely and now runs smoothly with both Implio filters and AI, achieving 85% automation and 94% of ads live on their site within 5 minutes.

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Case study

Kaidee: Improving their content moderation processes

Kaidee is Thailand’s leading trusted real estate, auto, and marketplace platform for buyers and sellers.

As part of EMPG (Emerging Markets Property Group) since 2020, Kaidee has accelerated its rapid growth in Thailand’s real estate and auto market. Kaidee strive to make the experience with us faster, easier, and simpler – bringing tremendous value to our buyers and sellers.

You will learn:

  • How to improve your time-to-site and UX with Automated Moderation.
  • The benefits of outsourcing Automated Moderation.
  • How to increase acquisition and retention rates.
  • Common challenges facing online marketplaces.

“What we really like about Besedo is their responsiveness in supporting Kaidee and continuously improving Implio.”

— Khuntida Srisinsamut, Moderation Assistant Manager, Kaidee

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