Ozan Yerli, Founder and CEO of Connected2Me

Connected2Me is a social network that lets people chat anonymously with each other.

With over 3 million active monthly users spread across the globe, ensuring high-quality profiles and preventing inappropriate content was becoming a real challenge.

The challenge

Before working with Besedo, Connected2Me found it challenging to moderate content promptly; moderation delays resulted in unnecessary support tickets and left Connected2Me unable to deliver the safe and pleasant user experience they aimed for.

Connected2Me had tested generic AI-based automation tools but found the quality results unsatisfactory. A large global, multi-language user base proved particularly challenging, leaving them unable to automate the moderation process.

Connected2Me’s in-house support team reviewed profiles to keep up with moderation needs. However, the work was time-consuming, and the setup didn’t allow for 24/7 moderation and the real-time results that Connected2Me was aiming for to satisfy user expectations.

“The AI-based tools we tested were not accurate. Manual moderation was too time-consuming and challenging, and it took a lot of work to provide 24-hour moderation” says Connected2Me founder and CEO Ozan Yerli.

The result

Today Connected2Me sends all its user-generated content to Besedo for moderation. From day one of the new setup, users immediately noticed the improved content quality, and some customers even left positive feedback highlighting the enhanced quality of the app. As a result, support requests due to unwanted content have decreased significantly.

As a bonus, working with Besedo, Connected2Me has defined clear moderation rules, resulting in more transparent content guidelines.

“Besedo helped us kick-start our automated moderation process,” says Ozan Yerli. “We started getting results the same day when we completed the simple integration. Our users told us the difference they noticed even on our first day with Besedo.”

The process

Connected2Me reached out to Besedo in October 2018 for content moderation help. Their deadline was tight as Connected2Me met with investors two months later, in December, and wanted to ensure that the company had resolved all potential blockers before that.

After integrating with Implio, Connected2Me sent their first items to the Besedo team in mid-November 2018. After aligning on policies, Besedo created training materials, and the partnership went live.

Since the partnership began in 2018, Connected2Me has grown its user base rapidly. Still, Besedo’s flexible solution moderation efforts have scaled accordingly, keeping pace with demands, and have continuously delivered near-instant moderation results.

Working with Besedo

Implio’s dashboard gives Connected2Me real-time access to vital user and operational insights. They also have a dedicated account manager who keeps them updated and whom they can ping at any time if they have urgent questions.

Besedo and Connected2Me are in regular meetings. Besedo updates Connected2Me on performance, provides guidance, and allows for discussions around content moderation strategies.

Combined with the monthly client report, it ensures that Connected2Me consistently gets a micro and macro view of all moderation activities and impacts.

“The API was very clear and well documented. It was a very smooth and simple process. We completed the implementation within two days,” concludes Ozan Yerli.

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When you partner up with us here at Besedo, we will make it our mission to give you access to the very best content moderation tools and resources, customized and integrated with your platform, online service, or app.

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Change.org is a pioneering online platform dedicated to empowering individuals and communities around the world to create positive change through the power of petitions. With a mission to make the world a better place, Change.org serves as a digital hub for individuals to raise awareness, gather support, and drive action on a wide range of social, environmental, and political issues.

Boasting an impressive user base of 460 million people across 196 countries, Change.org has grown to become the most influential platform for grassroots activism, connecting passionate individuals with like-minded supporters to collectively make a meaningful impact on the world.

“Everything we do is about empowering people everywhere to create the change that they want to see,” says Jimin Lee, Director of Trust & Safety at Change.org. “That comes with a responsibility for us to keep the platform and people safe.”

Improved accuracy of moderation decisions

The partnership between Change.org and Besedo has led to a remarkable improvement in the accuracy of moderation decisions, with a current rate of 98%. This increased accuracy has allowed Change.org to swiftly address content that violates their community guidelines, ensuring a safe and positive online environment for users. By identifying and removing inappropriate content more effectively, the platform has preserved its credibility and fostered a sense of trust and security among its millions of users.

The improved accuracy in moderation has helped prevent the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and other harmful content that could negatively impact users and the causes they support.

Team members of the Change.org San Francisco office
Change.org has 12 offices and employs more than 200 people, including these team members in San Francisco.

Increased content moderation quantity

Since implementing Besedo’s content moderation solution, Change.org has experienced an impressive increase of over 600% in the quantity of content moderated. This surge in moderated content has greatly benefited both Change.org and its users, as it ensures a more secure and reliable platform for starting and signing petitions.

“We wanted a scalable solution that would grow with our business,” says Jimin Lee, adding, “Our focus has always been our users and building user trust, and Besedo shares the same goal.”

With the increased volume of moderated content, the platform can now efficiently handle the growing number of petitions while maintaining a high standard of quality. This, in turn, has led to an enhanced user experience, as individuals can confidently engage with the platform knowing that it is committed to upholding its community guidelines.

Reduced manual review time

Change.org has reported a 17% reduction in review time, enabling the moderation team to process petitions more quickly and allocate more resources to other critical tasks. This increased efficiency has allowed Change.org to serve its vast user base better. The moderation team can now focus on supporting and nurturing the platform’s thriving community.

“If we didn’t have Implio from Besedo, I would probably be reviewing content violations in an Excel sheet one by one, and I can’t imagine what life would be like without Besedo,” says Jimin Lee.

A complete, scalable solution for better content moderation

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Learn how Besedo helped Kaidee improve its UX, retention, and acquisition rates by improving the number of ads moderated within 5-minutes from 20% to 94%, and much more.

Kaidee came to Besedo in 2016 after facing a severe challenge. Unhappy users were sharing negative feedback online due to lengthy time-to-site when listing their items for sale on the site. At the time, Kaidee only managed to get less than 20% of their listings live within 5 minutes.

Our solution to Kaidee’s moderation needs and challenges was to overhaul their outdated moderation process entirely and speed up the time-to-site to meet the expectations of their 30 million users.

After partnering with Besedo for three years, Kaidee transformed their old moderation processes completely and now runs smoothly with both Implio filters and AI, achieving 85% automation and 94% of ads live on their site within 5 minutes.

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Case study

Kaidee: Improving their content moderation processes

Kaidee is Thailand’s leading trusted real estate, auto, and marketplace platform for buyers and sellers.

As part of EMPG (Emerging Markets Property Group) since 2020, Kaidee has accelerated its rapid growth in Thailand’s real estate and auto market. Kaidee strive to make the experience with us faster, easier, and simpler – bringing tremendous value to our buyers and sellers.

You will learn:

  • How to improve your time-to-site and UX with Automated Moderation.
  • The benefits of outsourcing Automated Moderation.
  • How to increase acquisition and retention rates.
  • Common challenges facing online marketplaces.

“What we really like about Besedo is their responsiveness in supporting Kaidee and continuously improving Implio.”

— Khuntida Srisinsamut, Moderation Assistant Manager, Kaidee

This is Besedo

Global, full-service leader in content moderation

We provide automated and manual moderation for online marketplaces, online dating, sharing economy, gaming, communities and social media.

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Learn how Besedo helped Swiss-based anibis.ch reach 99.8% accuracy, and 94% automation, and improve items moderated from 10% to 100%.

Anibis reached out to Besedo in 2016 as their listing volumes started to grow exponentially, putting their user experience and safety at stake. Budget and resource restraints limited their moderation to 10% of listings, and only a few high-risk categories were moderated.

Our solution to Anibis’ moderation needs and fast growth was to implement a combination of automated filters and AI moderation to help them efficiently moderate 100% of their listings at a high level of security.

Today, Anibis is automatically moderating 94% of their volumes at an accuracy level of 99.8% and is positively impacting their user safety and experience with 60% fewer listings reported by users.

Explore how we helped anibis.ch reach 99.8% accuracy, 94% automation and improve items moderated from 10% to 100%.

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Case study

Anibis content moderation journey

anibis.ch is the most popular marketplace for new and used articles of any kind in Switzerland. anibis.ch provides more than 950,000 listings from all parts of Switzerland. No matter if you want to buy household appliances or sell your old bed, search for a household help or another service or look for job ads.

You will learn:

  • How to increase user experience and quality content with Automated Moderation.
  • What challenges facing online marketplaces.
  • Short- and Long term results of automated moderation.

“Besedo offered an easy solution exactly targeting our needs. We couldn’t have been able to develop a better solution”

— Jelena Moncilli, Fraud Specialist, anibis.ch

This is Besedo

Global, full-service leader in content moderation

We provide automated and manual moderation for online marketplaces, online dating, sharing economy, gaming, communities and social media.

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