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3 ways content moderation tools bring you ROI


    “I want content moderation, but I don’t want to pay for it until I know it works.”
    “I want content moderation help, but who can I trust?”
    “I want content moderation services, but I don’t know if it actually drives ROI.”
    “I want to buy a content moderation tool but… but… but!”

    Content moderation tools are vital to the facilitation of creating a credible and safe place for your site users, but who are we to say? We sell it! Of course, we believe in our products, but the reasons supporting our confidence are constantly increasing as our society becomes ever more digitalized. Which is why we continue to confidently preach about our AI moderation and expert services.

    Content moderation supports your bottom line. We don’t just build safe online communities, we build trust, credibility, success and a top-notch consumer experience. How does content moderation do all this and save your company money?

    Increased Web Traffic & SEO Rankings: Internet Gold

    It’s simple, with an increase in demand for online content comes an increased need for a reliable and resourceful web presence. The Compound of Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) reports the web analytics market is estimated to grow from $1.33 billion in 2014 to $3.09 billion in 2019. In other words, as more and more of our lives go digital, the competition for various online businesses, services and products will grow. How can you compete with this expanding online market with untrustworthy, or irrelevant content bugging up your site?

    Protecting the quality of your website content is pertinent to your success. Things like the readability of postings by your users will help increase the traffic to your site and keep users on your site longer, potentially creating return users.

    Ask yourself, does your user-generated content include:

    • Clear, concise descriptions of items
    • High-resolution photos
    • Descriptive headlines

    Here’s where content moderation experts come in. Google is always on the move, releasing updates that ensure those with poor quality content are penalized. Each time they roll out a new update, everyone from novice website managers to experienced SEO professionals scramble to understand the implications it has to their site in particular. We saw this with the Fred update earlier this year. With the right content moderation experts and tools on your side, you never have to wonder. Think about the content provided on your site from users when transitioning to the next step…

    Get to Know Your Audience

    You want user-generated content that complies with all of Google’s rules for increased traffic & SEO, but the direction users take their content is what gets site visitors to interact with your marketplace.

    Small frustrations like duplicate advertisements, a disconnect in search terms to advertisements on the results page, or low-quality images are all seemingly minor, yet crippling to the quickly scrolling consumer. Look at your site content as you would if you were the consumer.

    How much time do you spend scrolling for one item? How many times are you willing to re-enter your search for a more refined results page before giving up? Your main asset as a marketplace is accessibility. When you can’t provide that, users drop.

    Learn about more ways to build online trust with your users!

    Protecting Your Brand & Users

    Certainly larger sites like online marketplaces attract and accommodate several types of users. This makes automated content moderation complicated as generic models and filters, while helpful tools to deal with universal issues, will not be able to take site-specific decisions. That’s why tailored artificial intelligence is so important to content moderation. With the help of a customized algorithm, AI will analyze content, identify classifications, review for quality and make intelligent decisions based on an internal confidence indicator.

    These algorithms give your site protection to help site owners control the high-volume of incoming content. What sets tailored AI apart from other models and algorithms? It is customized to you and your site’s needs, not an umbrella model. Generic AI moderation solutions will rarely comply 100% with your site’s preferences as their algorithms are primarily taught from artificially created datasets aimed to cover a wide set of variables of the problem it’s given to solve. What constitutes “right” or “wrong” to your site content specifically could mean something completely different to Generic models. Besedo’s tailored technology approach gives you a unique solution to your site’s specific content challenges as it is explicitly trained on “right” decisions made in the past, from which it learns to correct in the future.

    How Besedo Steps In: The Cost to You

    Besedo’s content moderation experts intercept 50,000 scams daily. Scammers use everything from highly-valued tech to well-known brands to target unsuspecting consumers. We even recently published a look into how to avoid iPhone 8 and iPhone X fraud because of it.

    The threat is real, and each time a solution is launched, tricksters use their skill to overcome. Our content moderation tools and experts are always on the watch and ready to make a move so that our clients can continue to provide a safe environment to their users. All clients have to do is upload content through the moderation system.

    Besedo’s moderation API will provide one of three messages:

    • Approval: this piece of content met all the parameters.
     Rejection: this piece of content might have missed a few marks or displayed details not within safe guidelines and won’t be accepted to publish.
    • Requires manual moderation: the AI was unable to determine whether to accept or reject the content with high enough confidence, in turn, the piece is sent to human moderation for further inspection.

    Only authenticated admin users will be able to interact with the system, ensuring only those who are best equipped to sign off on an operation have the ability to do so. There are four layers of user accessibility. Admins, holding the highest power, have access to all operations from managing team members to importing items using the CSV importer, managing rules and lists and more. Spectators have the lowest access to operations, which include viewing statistics and controlling intercom chat. Security is and should always be a top concern.

    Content moderation tools don’t have to cost you a pretty penny, in fact with Besedo’s free trial, they don’t have to cost anything at all. No trial period, no package offering cuts, just safe users and trusted content. If you’re not sure what you need from content moderation experts, don’t worry. Take a look at our ebook, Content Moderation for Marketplaces and learn more about the process, policies and why you should moderate.

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