customized artificial intelligence for your content

Why use a tailor-made AI solution?

Generic AI moderation solutions gives you no way of knowing why a certain decision was made and which framework the models was created on. Besedo’s AI powered, real-time moderation is based on deep learning that utilizes your data, making it uniquely tailored to solve your specific content challenges.

Why play by someone else’s rules?

With our customized AI moderation models you get a solution based on your data, your rules and ready to execute your content moderation strategy.

How does it work?

From the time we get your data we have a customized solution for you within weeks, where you get to pick the exact accuracy you need at the corresponding automation levels.

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  • Collect a reference dataset
  • Clean data and use it for training the engine


  • Send contents for classification
  • Classification results returned with confidence indicator


  • Review selected contents to approve/correct classification and reinforce training


  • Automate decisions based on confidence indicator
  • Collect KPI (reject ratio, automated decision ratio, custom indicators)

Labelled data

Algorithms learn from data moderated and labelled by expert moderators.

Supervised learning

Validated datasets and noise cancelling filters removes possible bias and ensure the desired moderation outcome

Regular audits

Continuous review and tweaks of algorithms ensures maintained accuracy

Multiple input signals

We look at user behavior, images, text and other relevant signals in totality to improve decision accuracy

Human/Machine synergy

Seamless feedback loop ensures that manual decisions continuously keep the algorithms accurate and up to date.

  • Fast
  • Precise
  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
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Manual moderation.

is needed to be future proof, to be ahead of scammers

Ready for an AI that gives you back quality control?