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Ebook: Content Moderation for Marketplaces


    When you run a two-sided marketplace, moderation is a key aspect of keeping content uploaded by a multitude of users in line with your policies and local laws. Everyone knows this and everyone knows that the key to succeed is through efficient moderation that actually works.

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    After 15 years in the field, we know that getting moderation right, isn’t easy. Getting the right setup, the right tool, tracking the KPIs of real importance and focusing resources on the right content is all part of the challenge.

    Moderation Ebook


    Over the years Besedo has fine tuned our approach to content moderation. Now we want to share best practices of content moderation through an ebook created to help marketplaces moderate smarter so together we ensure a safer digital environment for everyone.

    The ebook is divided into 8 chapters, each tackling an important element of content moderation operations.

    Each chapter stands on it’s own and can be read alone although we do recommend reading through the entire book as some concepts will be easier to understand if you follow the book chronologically.

    At the end of each chapter you find an action point which prompt you to take an active step in regards to your marketplace. This action point will help you apply the advice given through that specific chapter.

    If you have questions regarding the ebook or want to speak to one of our moderation consultants about specific challenges on your site we are happy to be of assistance.

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