Secure interpersonal digital trust of sharing economy sites through content moderation

We help peer to peer platforms, collaborative, sharing and gig economy sites transform their brand into a digital trust proxy

Get trust right from the start

Sharing economy sites are completely reliant on trust between strangers. By offering relevant and safe content you can foster and maintain trust with your users.

Genuine reviews

27% of people will trust reviews only if they believe them to be authentic. Safeguard your site from fake reviews to avoid user churn.

Relevant images

Blurry, inaccurate or inappropriate pictures lowers user trust and the experience on your site. Keep the quality of your site high through computer vision or human moderation.

Authentic comments

Inappropriate messages, spam bots or fake remarks ruins user impression of your site and degrades trust. AI moderation and expert moderators keep your site clean

Safe user interactions

Safe transaction is the key to success within the collaborative economy. Monitor and moderate chat and communication between users to keep them safe.

The trust is in your brand.

Speak to one of our solution designers for advice on the best content moderation strategy to ensure user trust.