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Case studies case study

Case study - anibis journey from 0% to 94% automation

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Meetic case study

Case study - dating website Meetic

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eBooks and White papers

Free up your resources for innovation

Whitepaper - besedo total

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The moderation ebook

eBook - Moderation for marketplaces

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Marketplace health cheatsheet

Marketplace health cheatsheet

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Choosing an automated moderation solution

Checklist - what to consider when choosing an automated moderation solution

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Build or buy AI?

Checklist - build or buy ai

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Buyer & seller engagement checklist

Checklist - buyer & seller engagement checklist for digital marketplaces

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Counterfeit filter checklist

Checklist - how to create accurate counterfeit filters

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Checklist for marketplace funding

Checklist - optimize your marketplace for funding

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Moderation checklist

moderation checklist

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SEO keyword research checklist

Checklist - seo keyword research for online marketplaces

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8 steps of filter creation

Checklist - 8 steps to accurate content moderation filter creation

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The trust stack approach to building trust

Checklist - trust stack approach to building trust

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Presentations benefits of automated moderation

Presentation - Anibis journey from 0% to 94% automation

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How to fix bad user search experience

Presentation - I searched for T-shirt and it kept suggesting cars – how to fix bad user search experience and convert more

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Optimize your real estate site for monetization

Presentation - 9 listings to remove from your real estate sit to optimize for monetization

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