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UX design for marketplaces – how to successfully build trust into the user journey.

We are joined by the UX/UI designer and marketplace growth specialist, Bec Faye, for an insightful webinar. Bec is specialized in helping online marketplaces achieve top user experience and build the best possible platform for their users.

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Feel you’ve checked all boxes for building marketplace trust, yet see little results? Chances are you have trust-building features in place, but not managing to visually present them for your users.

The UX design of your marketplace may be where you find the answer.

If your users don’t perceive your site as trustworthy, you need to consider why that message doesn’t come across. Throughout the user journey, both buyer and seller, it’s up to you to ensure your marketplace is designed to permeate trust.

We invited UX/UI designer, and marketplace consultant, Bec Faye, to help make sense of how UX design can improve trust in your online marketplace.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

Written by

Bec Faye

Marketplace Optimisation & Growth Specialist (UX / CX / Product) MarketplacePlaybook.com

Bec Faye is a Marketplace Optimisation & Growth Specialist (UX / CX / Product), with 11+ years experience in UX/CX/Product Design & Optimisation, including the last 4 years focused purely on marketplaces.

As a marketplace consultant, Bec works closely with founders, product and growth teams to increase conversion, engagement and retention rates through her specifically formulated Marketplace Optimisation Program and Marketplace Framework.

Bec loves running workshops with marketplace teams, especially when they are hit by a ‘Eureka!’ moment that changes everything!

She regularly runs ‘The 8 Pillars of Marketplace Success’ Online Masterclass to introduce marketplace entrepreneurs to a new way of thinking about their marketplace and it’s growth and is about to launch the ‘Two Sides Squared’ Podcast, a podcast designed to dive deep into strategies of exponential marketplace growth.

Emil Andersson

Marketing Manager at Besedo

Emil joined Besedo in 2017 and has since brought his can-do spirit, hard work ethics and marketing expertise to the team.

Emil’s education and expertise lay within the marketing field, but his true passion is to contribute to great user experiences, whether it’s through online or offline interactions. Making him a great fit in the Besedo family.

Prior to his current role, Emil was working in the architecture and design industry with B2B marketing and Business Development in APAC.

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