Qualifying Sellers: Improve Your Conversion and Retention Rates

Online marketplaces are built on the connection between buyers and sellers and the ability to bring the two sides together to transact. However, many users stumble upon poor content or idle buyers or sellers.

In a survey conducted by Besedo, we found that 50% of online marketplace users encountered content they believed to be a scam. On top of that, 75% of them said they’d never return to the site.

Ensuring a smooth, safe, and scam-free experience on your online marketplace is a must if you wish to stay in the race with your fierce competition.

What if your buyers and sellers only encountered qualitative users and content on your online marketplace? How would that impact your overall conversion and retention rates?

A significant first step is to qualify your sellers to ensure the high quality of both sellers and their goods on your marketplace.

In this complimentary white paper, we share advice that will help you build a solid setup to qualify users and how this process can positively impact your retention and conversion rates.

Qualifying sellers: improve your conversion and retention rates

In the white paper you will learn: Why it’s essential to qualify users How it can improve your marketplace performance metrics Which tools to use to qualify your users


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