Prevent bad content from going live on your community or forum, in real time

Increase traffic, engagement and conversions with high quality user posts

Content challenges may vary from community to community but everyone needs an effective moderation system to enforce site policies.

A well kept and safe site is easier to monetize and has a lower risk of becoming the target of legal lawsuits.


Whether you run a community for children where harassment and inappropriate language must be kept at bay or are struggling with competitors infiltrating your forum, luring users away, our AI moderation tools and services can help you out.

Competitor presence

Are competitors trying to leech off of your success? Remove users and posts advertising the competition.

Spam prevention

Stop forum spam bots and messages containing black-hat marketing and phishing links.

Harassment and bad language

Each community and forum has individual levels of sensitivity to trolling, toxic language and profanities.

Flexible content moderation allows you to balance user bans vs. acquisition and retention in a way that fits your site.

Illegal streaming

Torrent links and sharing of copyrighted material (both videos, images and text) puts both you and your users at risk. Protect your site from expensive lawsuits and your users from clicking fishy links.

Inappropriate images

Not safe for work (NSFW) images and violent pictures can all negatively impact user acquisition and retention. Copyrighted images could cause legal trouble. With our manual moderation experts, we can help keep your site family friendly and prevents lawsuits.

Language detection

Posts and comments in unsupported languages can ruin the flow of conversation in the forum and damage the community. Use language detection and geo-location filters to remove posts in languages that are undesirable.

Ready for an easy way to manage your community?

Whether you are looking for a content moderation back-office tool or to outsource your forum moderation, Besedo has a solution for you.

Talk to our experts and find the content moderation setup that’s right for your community.