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Press Release: Besedo Launches Tool for Moderation


    Stockholm, Sweden, May 10, 2016. Besedo, the leading provider of products and services for online content security and moderation, is releasing a tool combining automated and manual moderation.

    Releasing the All-In-One Moderation Tool Implio!

    With nearly 15 years in content security and moderation business, Besedo is now releasing Implio: an all-in-one moderation tool that enables online marketplaces full control of their content.

    Implio’s automation features enable instant publishing of user-generated material, while content with more complex moderation needs can be managed in the manual panel. All to help marketplaces keeping their sites clean of fraud, inappropriate text and images, and other types of undesired content.

    “Since the start in 2002, we have evolved our moderation and fraud defeating processes side-by-side with the growing industry, and earned a unique expertise in the field. Now we are putting all this knowledge into a tool that lets site owners combine automated and manual moderation to achieve the quality their sites need,” said Patrik Frisk, Besedo CEO.

    Implio’s core technology has been used internally, for automating parts of the moderation process, for several years. This is now combined with a manual moderation interface which makes the content eco-system more seamless, and allows sites better quality control without having to develop and maintain their own tools.

    “Due to the increased usage of mobile apps and social networks, real-time publishing of quality content has become a must to attract and retain users. With Implio, we want to bring this power to marketplaces of all sizes and maturity by combining advanced text and picture analysis into one easy-to-use product,” said Jeanne Terlet, Chief Product Officer.

    The first public version of the product has just been released and the tool will continuously be iterated on with more features coming over the year. Read more and sign up for a free trial at: besedo.com.

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