A dynamic moderation interface, developed by moderators, for moderators.

improve the efficiency of your entire content moderation team

Every day our developers receive feedback and feature requests from active end users. Based on this, they improve our product, focusing on features that have a real impact on manual content moderation productivity and accuracy.

Complete content moderation control.

  • Review and edit content directly in the interface.
  • Multilevel review options. Escalate complex cases to expert agents.
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UI optimized for efficient content moderation.

  • Bulk moderation.
  • Moderation UI templates. Choose the one that fits your content and moderation needs best.
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Emphasis on relevant data points for quality.

  • Duplicate detection and display.
  • Words matched by rules are highlighted.
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Add data to your decisions.

  • Refusal reasons.
  • Improvement suggestions.
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Want inspiration to optimize your content moderation?