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New Implio feature: Cropping and rotating


Our new Implio feature enhances the quality of the images shared on your platform. Your manual moderation team can now crop and rotate user-generated images quickly and efficiently in the moderation tool.

For online platforms like online marketplaces and dating sites, creating a good user experience and trustworthy environment is essential; and high-quality pictures are crucial in that matterIn our user search study, users unanimously picked quality images as the reason to prefer one site over another.

Profile picture or images are crucial for users to trust the person on the other side of the screen or what they want to sell or buy. And as a company, you want to create and maintain that trust for your users.
On dating sites or online marketplaces, the cropping and rotating feature helps you to moderate pictures to comply with your company’s guidelines. For instance, cropping profile pictures so that only one person appears or ensuring that the user’s face is distinctly visible. On top of this, images can also be rotated to make sure that images submitted upside down, or from the wrong angle, can easily be corrected.

The cropping and rotation feature in Implio helps you improve trust and user experience for both your sellers and buyers.

Here’s how the feature works:

Implio cropping and rotation

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