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New Implio Feature: Automation Rule Builder


Team Implio is happy to announce a major product improvement. Our new rule builder makes it easier than ever to create basic rules in Implio.

What’s New?

This new feature allows you to create rules by simply choosing from the drop-down menus:

1. Choose the Field You Want to Filter Out

Do you want the rule to apply to the title, price, user id, region or any of the other 20 fields choices? Custom fields can still be managed in the advanced mode.

list of conditions screenshot

2. Pick an Operator

Choose whether this field should contain/not contain, equal/not equal or contain/not contain a list.

list of operations screenshot for rule builder blog post

3. Add the Text You Want the Rule to React On

You can  use key words, regular expressions, range of values or lists to indicate what you want your field to match or not match.

playstation text screenshot for rule builder blog post

4. Add Additional Conditions

You can add several conditions to make the rule cover your need . Just remember that the action will have to match ALL of the conditions in order to trigger the action. More complex “OR” conditions can be managed in the advanced mode.

adding conditions section screenshot for rule builder blog post

5. Pick an Action

Choose which action the rule should take: “No action”, “Send job to manual inbox” or “Refuse the job”.

How Will This Help You?

This new feature makes it much easier to quickly update and build automation rules, which is crucial for keeping your moderation top notch.

You will be able to:

  • Spend less time and resources on training team members on learning specific filter syntax.
  • Understand easily how the rules work and what they do.
  • Make quick updates to rules without having to verify that you’re using the correct syntax.
  • Don’t forget that you can still go as crazy as you want with complex rules in the advanced mode.
  • Read more about the Basic Rule Builder in our Knowledgebase.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you have any requests, ideas or feedback? We love to hear from you at:

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