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Speak with William Singam, our Content Moderation Expert for the Asia Pacific region, about content control.

Meet William Singam!

William Singam is a seasoned Content Moderation Expert at Besedo. He has a deep understanding of online community dynamics and the challenges of controlling user-generated content in the APAC region. He has helped numerous companies ensure their platforms remain safe and welcoming spaces for all users.

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  • The latest trends impacting your industry in the APAC region
  • How AI content moderation can effectively control user-generated content 24/7
  • The possibilities of human moderation to enhance content control
  • Text, image, video and audio moderation
  • Your content moderation questions and challenges
William Singam, Content Moderation Expert at Besedo APAC

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  • A strategic conversation about content control on your platform
  • An in-depth understanding of the trends affecting your industry across the region
  • Actionable insights and advice to resolve your challenges