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Our top 5 Implio improvements & features in 2017


    Every feature we include in Implio has been carefully chosen based on feedback from stakeholders (internal and external) and after careful analysis of current and future needs within the industry (read more about how we plan our roadmap). As such it is always exciting when we launch something new since we know it is anticipated by our users and will increase their efficiency and quality of life when working in our tool.

    Our developers work hard to ensure regular updates and feature additions to Implio. Here are the biggest improvements we released in 2017

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    1. Manual moderation interface image template

    Debuting almost an entire year ago, this particular feature helps manual moderators create a customized UI template in Implio. This allows users to display the necessary moderation information whichever way suits them best. For example, they could configure the layout to prioritize the image shown, user details, customer data, and moderation feedback – among other information.

    2. Search function

    Our second big feature of last year was the new Implio search tool. Never underestimate the power, speed, and usefulness of a good search function! The always-visible search bar is found at the top of each page within Implio. Users can search by keywords, exact quotes, and specific contact information – including email addresses and phone numbers.

    The results can be ordered by relevance, newest first, oldest first; and displayed as a list or using images. We think this feature is going to be particularly useful for moderators as they review posts, or monitor accounts and items coming into Implio.

    Implio search function

    3. New manual interface

    In May we launched Implio’s updated manual interface. It was the culmination of months of hard work from our developers; especially our front-end team.

    We spent a lot of time performing usability tests and getting client feedback; fine-tuning the new interface to make sure it benefits everyone.

    Key improvements added to this version include:

    • Data is organized to follow the API’s structure, to make things more consistent.
    • Revisions of a single item are grouped together so that the moderator only reviews the latest version and can disregard previous ones.
    • Content can be edited directly within the page. Plus type and category can be changed using a simple drop-down menu.
    • A status bar helps you track your progress on the page
    • It’s also much easier (for a developer) to configure a number of settings for each client. These include the number of items displayed per page, and the ability to enable or disable pre-approved items in the queue.

    4. User roles

    Our fourth biggest Implio feature involved the rollout of different user role permissions. Each user role now comes with a specific list of permissions, allowing admins, automation specialists, moderators, and spectators full or restricted access to certain functionalities. As you’d expect, admins have the greatest level of authority, but being able to manage rules and search items will undoubtedly make moderators’ jobs a lot easier.

    Implio user administration

    5. Geolocation filter

    Our final feature for 2017, launched just before Christmas. It was our geolocation filter – which we’ve covered in a dedicated blog post.

    Essentially it’s used to detect inconsistencies between where users say they’re based, and where their IP address actually shows them to be; ideal for helping online marketplace owners protect their users from scammers.

    Geolocation is fully integrated into Implio and is visible in the manual moderation interface. However, users can also create their own rules, helping them quickly compare information, making it easier for moderators to detect discrepancies.

    So… what does 2018 hold? Don’t worry there’s a whole lot more where these came from! We already have a number of features, functions, and updates planned for the next 12 months.

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