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New Implio Feature: Moderation Layout. Pick the UI That Fits Your Needs!


    For moderation to be truly effective, you need a tool that fits your moderation style and challenges.

    In order to accommodate that, Implio already allows for customers to define specific parameters that are shown in the manual moderation interface.

    But now we are taking things a step further by introducing different moderation UI layouts so you can pick the one that facilitates the best speed and quality for your particular moderation challenges.

    Let’s have a look at the moderation UI layouts that are now available for use. 

    The Default Moderation UI Layout

    The default layout is optimised for moderation where both text and images are of equal importance. It allows the moderator to quickly get an overview of all available data points to take the right decision fast.

    macbook for sale example page screenshot

    The Image Moderation UI Layout

    In the image moderation UI layout, images are given more importance. Moderators will still see some data points to support their decision, but the image takes up the majority of the screen allowing it to be reviewed quickly. This layout works well together with automated text moderation as the moderator can focus on deciding the appropriateness of the image and leave the text to the AI.

    macbook for sale example page screenshot

    Choosing a Layout

    To change layout all you have to do is contact our developers and let them know which moderation UI layout you prefer. They will be happy to swap it for you.

    In the future you will be able to flip between predefined UI layouts yourself from the account settings, but that part is not completely ready yet.

    We didn’t want to keep the choice to change templates from our customers though, so until the interface and function to change on your own is ready, just reach out to us for help!

    Switch It up and Learn More

    Read about the new moderation UI layout in our Knowledge Base.

    Get a personalised demo of Implio by contacting us here.

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