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New Implio Feature: Detect and Moderate Duplicates


    We are now ready to reveal a new key functionality in Implio: Identify, Automate and Moderate Duplicates.

    What is a Duplicate?

    Implio defines a duplicate as two or more jobs where the title and body are exactly similar while the jobs do not share the same id in your system.

    Automate Duplicate Moderation

    1. Use the expression code $numberOfDuplicates in your automation rules, e.g. To detect duplicates in your rules you can easily filter by the field $numberOfDuplicates > 0

    2. Decide what action should be taken on duplicates identified by Implio, e.g. refuse or send to manual moderation.

    expression code screenshot

    Manually Moderate Duplicates

    In the manual moderation panel, you can see duplicates of the job being moderated and take action on those at the same time.

    bicycle sale page screenshot

    Dig in and Learn More

    Read about duplicates in our Knowledge Base: how to detect and moderate duplicate jobs.

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