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It’s Simply Implio; The Tool for All Your Moderation Needs


    We are super excited to officially release Implio; the moderation tool covering all your needs, including automation, manual moderation and analytics.

    The mobile revolution and the sheer volume of online content are making consumers increasingly picky. This has left digital businesses trying to tackle a huge need for content moderation on a budget that just hasn’t increased comparably.

    At Besedo, we wanted to solve the dilemma of having to pick between moderating important areas and REALLY important areas. We simply don’t see why you should have to choose. There had to be another way!
    Implio is the complete toolbox for content moderation. It allows you to instantly publish content with automated moderation, and manually take care of items that require a human touch.

    How does a content moderation tool work?

    Automated Moderation

    Automated decisions are made based on rules you create to match your specific requirements. You can also choose to get started with a set of pre-made rules quickly. These are built on our 15 years of knowledge, and are included in the tool for free.

    Manual Moderation

    Content with more complex moderation needs can be handled in the manual panel, which is close at hand in the same interface.

    Analytics Dashboard

    For a quick overview of your moderation efforts, the dashboard gives you a transparent snapshot at all times.

    It is simply Implio. And it is finally live! Why not give it a whirl and see how much simpler your content moderation process could be?

    Read more about Implio or sign up for a free trial.

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