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New Implio feature: Language detection. Improve your content quality and user experience


    Here at Besedo we are continuously working to improve Implio’s technical capabilities to detect scams, increase user experience and maintain secure online marketplaces.

    We are now introducing AI-powered language detection. This gives Implio users another tool to help ensure that content uploaded by your suppliers align with the rules on your site.

    Why language detection is important to online marketplaces.

    Imagine that you are running a marketplace catering to a market like Belgium, where there are 3 official languages. To be relevant to all your users you likely split the marketplace into 3 language sections, but your suppliers may still accidentally upload content to the wrong section.

    With a rule setup where you determine the expected language of a listing, our new language detection feature will help you catch those that are not adhering to the correct language.

    The overall user experience is improved as German speakers don’t need to scroll through irrelevant items in French and vice versa.

    The filter setup in Implio could look like this: 

    This compares the value against expected language. You then set up the rule to reject, approve or send the content piece to manual moderation if it matches.

    What if my site only accepts one language? 

    Language detection is a valuable feature for sites with one language as well. Many scammers will write their ads in English rather than the native language of your site. By detecting content language, you’re able to catch fraudulent listings and keep your users safe.

    If the language detected doesn’t match the expected language or is unreadable and classified as ‘unknown’, you can decide to reject the item or send it for manual review. This way only content that matches the expected language is approved to go live on your site automatically.

    A setup like this leads to high-quality content on your site relevant and safe to your users, which ultimately results in a good user experience.

    How does the AI-powered language detection feature actually work? 

    As you’ve probably already figured out and as the name implies, our newest Implio feature detects the language of content uploaded by users.

    The feature looks at both the title and body text of an item to determine the language. It then returns an output that can be used in Implio’s rule builder. This way you can create rules that are suitable for your specific needs. The rules can be as complex or simple as you need them to be.

    Are you generally okay with listings in different languages, but are experiencing a lot of English speaking missionaries selling non-existent pedigree puppies? Use language detection and lists to build a rule that catches these specific frauds. Creating accurate filters is about research, creativity and the right tools, and with language detection, Implio now offers one more element to tackle content challenges. 

    Our language detection feature currently supports 123 different languages. Among these, you’ll find some of the most common such as English, Spanish, French, and Hindi, but also smaller languages like Javanese or Swedish. 

    Want to know if we cover the language you’re looking for? Have a look at the full list of languages available for automated detection.

     For more information about our newest feature, take a look at the knowledge base or try it out for free

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