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Eliminate sexual harassment on your site before it kills your growth


    Few things can damage your user trust and site reputation more than online sexual harassment. Disturbing images, profanities, and unprovoked harassment are sadly becoming a norm in the online dating world, and many users are experiencing personal violations in their very first encounter on a dating site.

    A survey done by Pew Research Center shows that 41% of Americans have been personally subjected to harassing behavior online, and 66% have witnessed these behaviors directed at others. 79% of users believe that it’s the site’s responsibility to step in and protect their users when online harassment occurs on their website.

    Negative user experiences due to sexual harassment have created opportunities for differentiation within the online dating industry. Bumble, for example, has taken the market by storm with one simple and clear strategy; protect their female users from online harassment. They’ve managed to steal market shares almost overnight by giving women the sole power to initiate the first contact. This leaves room for thought.

    What would it mean for your churn rates if you could make online harassment a non-issue?

    Watch our CCO, Shane Correa, address the issue of online sexual harassment and share actionable insights on how you can protect your users and avoid sexual harassment-induced churn.

    Are you a victim of online sexual harassment? read our interview with the internet safety advocate Sue Scheff.

    If you are ready to embrace your social responsibility and want to fight online sexual harassment, reach out to us and we’ll help you get started to protect your users.

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