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An Interview with Olivier Vencencius on the Launch of Our New Moderation Tool


    Things are getting hectic here at Besedo as we prepare for the launch of our new tool. A content moderation platform that will give you access to all content moderation methods in one tool. Our product team is working hard, so we were really happy to get a few minutes with Olivier Vencencius, product owner and industry veteran, to ask him about his vision and the industry changing trends it is built on.

    Most sites have their own back office that they use for moderation. What prompted Besedo to start developing an independent content moderation tool?

    “Besedo was a pioneer in manual moderation and through the years we have gathered invaluable insights about the industry. We want to apply this and become the frontiers for the future of moderation as well.

    We started developing tools for our clients as a way to improve delivery many years ago, but have felt we could do a lot more with the freedom to follow our own vision.
    We know what information moderators need in order to do a good job and we are using that knowledge to design an UI calibrated for optimal efficiency.

    We also saw a trend in the market with many new interesting technologies popping up. Each great on their own, but not optimal when combined. This made us realize the need for a tool that in a simple interface, combines and harnesses the power of all these new technologies, and channels it into a crystal clear focus on content moderation.”

    “Digital content is exploding and the increase in volumes makes it almost impossible to rely solely on human moderation. Most sites will need to automate at least parts of their moderation process to grow at the pace they need. At the same time there are still areas where human moderation is important. To be efficient you will need a tool that can handle both and that’s why we are building one.”

    “Sure, it’s possible for most sites to develop their own automation tools, but is that really the best use of developer time?
    It is also worth considering that at Besedo we have worked with clients of all sizes and maturity levels. Because of this we have the insights to develop a tool that is truly scalable. An in-house tool is likely to be developed based on where your needs are now, but what about when traffic rises by 10% or by 50%? You will need to spend developer time re-designing or upgrading your tool and that is not a headache you want when your main focus should be on the growth of your site.”

    What’s the future of the tool?

    Today we already have filtering capability with our own coding language, and we are going to add both machine-learning and image recognition capabilities into our system.

    “New plugins and modules will be added continuously in close conversation with our customers and based ongoing market trend research.”

    “Our expert team is ceaselessly researching new trends and solutions to content moderation challenges and we have close interactions with our users across different markets and industries. This gives us a unique overview allowing us to continuously find the best, new content moderation technologies and make them available through our platform to test and use. Our users can skip the tools research and focus on their core business.”

    We are seeing a lot of new, smaller and specialized sites emerge, breaking the monopolies of the big powerhouses. How will Besedo accommodate smaller teams with tighter budgets?

    “This is the beauty of our tool, the core idea behind it is to welcome all types of clients. At Besedo we have worked with clients of all sizes and we know the particular needs of each growth stage. This allows us to offer plans that accommodate everything from startups and niche players with very specialized needs to enterprises who need to scale up really large.

    In the product vision lies an arsenal of specialized plugins and modules where you can pick and chose what you need and only pay for that. It will also be possible to easily test new content moderation technology, constantly pushing yourself to new levels instead of letting your old tools become an excuse for avoiding change.”

    What is the name of the tool?

    “We have a really neat name for it, but we are not quite ready to share yet. Expect an announcement soon.”

    As you can see our product team has set quite high goals for themselves, but now they are almost ready to share the result. Our free trial sign-up is going to open in April so stay tuned!

    Interested in being part of the development of our tool? We are always on the lookout for more great developers.

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