Join us in creating a safer online experience

Come help us make a positive impact on the connected world.

Let’s make it a place where the online experience is always enjoyable, always safe!

At Besedo, we help online businesses protect their users and create better experiences in the digital world.

We build tools and craft AI models that moderate content before it reaches the end user.
We also have an incredible team of moderation experts, who manually look through content to ensure it is safe and of acceptable quality.

Our mission is to cultivate a trust based society where users can interact fearlessly with one another.

Don’t you want to be part of that?

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When I discovered Besedo, I found a job type that I had no idea existed. I became curious about how content moderation works and how crucial it is to day-to-day interactions online. I quickly fell in love with a company that has shown me nothing but support, appreciation and learning opportunities: all of this within an environment where I can be myself and constantly improve my skills, both as an employee and as a person

Daniel Reyes
Content Moderator

My career at Besedo has been very uplifting in many different aspects. Professionally I’ve learned a lot about the foundations of a successful business. Such as leadership, team management and financial aspects.

One of the most interesting things I’ve experienced is how as a region we have made really important contributions to the company despite the cultural differences. This is due to Besedo being a company that is always open to listen and reinvent itself.

But the most important learnings have been personal. Working at Besedo has taught me the true meaning of respect, empathy, patience and solidarity.

I consider this company my second home and the people I work with daily my family. Every day here is a new challenge and the desire to do things well is always there, as well as the pride of having grown with Besedo and continuing to do so together.

Marcela Callejas
Team Leader

I joined Besedo in 2018, started from a moderating position and gradually worked myself up to quality assurance and training. In these 2 years I have been given the opportunity to specialize in areas I enjoy doing the most, which has made me put a lot more effort into my work.

I like the fact that all employees bring their own background knowledge to the table and are able to adapt this to their work. I have not only learnt more about the technicality of the job itself, but even about problem solving, how to build strong work relationships with co-workers and about voicing my own opinion, which have all contributed to me growing as a person.

I am very fond of Besedo and believe that employees are not only supported at work but even when faced with other hardships in life.

Alexandra Raach
Training Specialist

In Besedo I’ve learned to fight for my goals and dreams and it’s been worth the effort.

Besedo ensures that we feel safe and appreciated. Besedo and my coworkers give me the opportunity to learn something new every day and teach me that when you make mistakes you can get up and learn from them.

At Besedo I have learned a lot while having fun and without it impacting the hard work and effort that is required daily.

Juan Pablo Villamil
Quality analysts

Initially an opportunity with a company that made it extremely easy to move to Malta, I soon discovered how many interlocking systems (from AI development and filter refinement to live moderation) are at work here and have been happily part of Besedo for over a year now. As someone interested in languages, the latest tech trends, and playing Sherlock Holmes to detect fraud, I find working in my multilingual assignment a delight! Any suggestions or concerns so far, no matter the topic, have been met with nothing short of enthusiastic support. So if you enjoy working in a diverse environment with endlessly curious, passionate colleagues – come join us!

Ernestine Doess
Online Content Moderator

Working for Besedo I have developed several skills such as teamwork and self-discipline. The job has also help me improve my Portuguese and also to make lots of new friends that already feel like a family.

Maria Fernanda Afanador
Content Moderator

I started with Besedo in 2013 as an online content moderator in Malta. I was fascinated with the cultural diversity. Besedo has a great environment which is an advantage for the people working with Besedo. With my experience as a moderator came the big challenge both personally and professionally: to create a new operational centre in Bogota Colombia. The first project started with 14 Moderators, 5 months later we were a team of 28 Moderators. We faced many challenges in 2014, but we achieved our goals through team work. We are proud to be a part of this business because of the amazing results we get, we give confidence to thousands of new users every day who are using the site to conduct their business. Thanks Besedo for letting me be part of this journey and for the opportunity to grow in the company and in Latin America!

Denise Foresti
Assignment Manager

Joining Besedo with the opening of the office in Iasi was a great opportunity to experience first-hand the expansion of a multinational company and allow me to grow with it for the past two years. I find the work environment pleasant and challenging, and enjoy working with colleagues from a variety of countries.
As part of the Tactical Planning and Control team, split in three of our offices, I have grown a lot and learned new things, taking each challenge as a chance to improve. We communicate easily most of the time and join our efforts towards the same goals.  Doing this job, spending time with colleagues, has been both engaging and entertaining, as we make it part of our routine to enjoy what we do

Iuliana Parfimon
Tactical Planning & Control Specialist

My choice was based on two things: the people and the work. I have the feeling that my work is really appreciated and recognized and it never gets boring. I had the chance to be involved in all aspects of settling a team and launching a piece of software. At the same time, I got the flexibility to manage my work hours which significantly improved my quality of life, allowing me to meet my family’s needs as well as my own desire to invest time in personal projects.

Ionut Ignatescu
Big Data Developer