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2018’s highest scam risk dates for online marketplaces


    Classifieds, online marketplaces, online dating sites and sharing economy platforms all run on user generated content (UGC). UGC can however be a double edged sword. While it helps increase user engagement, it also opens up opportunities for fraudsters to target the user base. That is why all professional sites have a content moderation strategy in place to protect their users from scammers on a daily basis.

    But getting that strategy right to ensure proper coverage and avoid the content moderation negatively impacting time to site can be quite complex. Especially since all dates are not made equal when it comes to scams. What this means is that Global eventschange in seasons or product releases from high profile brands will impact the scam risk levels and as such the workload for your team.

    Properly forecasting and anticipating the ebb and flow of scams is key to a cost-efficient content moderation strategy that really keeps your users safe.

    Our Trust & Safety team is working day-to-day with analyzing scam patterns to predict trends and stay ahead of scammers. This year we’ve decided to convert their extensive knowledge into a scam awareness calendar for 2018.

    The calendar includes some of the highest scam risk dates in 2018 and it’s a useful tool to help you stay prepared for this year’s scam spikes.

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