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Online marketplace owners’ Checklist for holiday shopping


    With the fun of the holidays comes the stress of holiday shopping. Online marketplaces are used as platforms for users to buy and sell holiday gifts, making it a stressful time for our industry. The season brings a massive influx of listings that need to be reviewed and moderated. If you haven’t spent time preparing your marketplace, you and your team may be overwhelmed by the demand.

    That’s why we’ve put together this checklist. The sooner you check off the boxes, the better off you’ll be when the listings for new iPhones, kitschy antiques and novelty mugs come pouring in. Have a look:

    besedo online store owners' checklist

    Want to prepare further for the holiday season?

    Learn more about some of the specific scam spikes occurring in the holiday season or get in touch with a content moderation specialist.

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