If you have ever tried grabbing the attention of one of the bigger media outlets, you know how hard it is. In fact, it can feel completely impossible to get noticed by journalists – at least for something positive.

But is it?

Tara O’Donnell has worked in communications for over 26 years. In this webinar she’ll attack the challenge of getting positive press attention from a marketplace point of view. She’ll share actionable tips and tricks that you can use in your attempt to get your marketplace on the front page.

It’ll still be hard work getting there, but after this webinar you’ll definitely be better equipped for the task.

In this webinar,  we’ll cover:

  • How proactive communications can benefit marketplaces.
  • How to build awareness even when you don’t have news.
  • How PR can play a critical role in building trust.
  • How to prepare for negative sentiments.
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Tara O’Donnell
Managing Director, Hotwire Global Communications

Tara O‘Donnell, Managing Director of Hotwire UK, has over 26 years of communications, brand and marketing experience.  She works with C-level executives to develop and drive communications and marketing strategies that support business goals.

Her expertise is in the technology arena working with a variety of clients throughout her career from large B2B brands such as Vodafone, Cisco and IBM, to consumer brands such as Sony PlayStation and  KAYAK.com (Booking Holdings).

Prior to joining Hotwire, Tara was MD at Archetype (formally Text100) for five years and also launched and led Text100‘s Consumer Practice for 8 years.  Before agency-life, Tara held a number of in-house roles including North American Corporate Communications lead for Samsung Electronics, playing a pivotal part in shaping Samsung‘s brand identity as a digital technology leader in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Sigrid Zeuthen
Global Marketing Manager at Besedo

Sigrid has been working with online marketplaces since 2012 and follow the industry passionately.

She is currently the Global Marketing Manager at Besedo.

Her favorite part of that job is that she gets to connect with incredibly smart people, who are as passionate about the sharing economy and digital communities as herself.

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