How to build and maintain the trust trifecta for your online marketplace.

Watch Besedo and Shieldpay in a concise 30-minute webinar, as we explore how online marketplaces can build trust on their site.

50% of people state that the reason they don’t buy and sell online is due to a lack of trust.

How can we solve this to get more conversions and higher acquisition rates?

In this webinar, we discuss tools and methods that make your marketplace safe to transact and easy to trust.

What you will learn:

  • How trust improves conversion.
  • How to power safe transactions.
  • How a few pieces of bad content can contaminate the trust factor of your entire site.
  • How to get your users to trust each other.
  • What tools you can easily implement to facilitate trust.

Watch the webinar.

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Sigrid Zeuthen
Global Marketing Manager at Besedo

Sigrid has worked for Besedo since 2012 working various roles within operations, business development and marketing. She’s now the global marketing manager for Besedo.

Sigrid is passionate about user experience and online safety and has worked to improve both throughout her entire professional life. First at Blizzard Entertainment where she led a team that moderated in-game chat and provided customer support. Later in her varied roles at Besedo where she’s now dedicated to spreading awareness of how content moderation fuels growth. 

Tom Clementson
Director of Consumer & SMB at Shieldpay

Tom is a member of the founding team at Shieldpay – making online payments more secure for everyone.

As an alum of giants PayPal, eBay and JudoPay, Tom is an expert in all things payments. Tom is particularly well known for scaling platforms and marketplaces effectively by creating whole new revenue streams, powered by payments.

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