Human Moderation

Scalable Human Content Moderation for Online Marketplaces

Quality content helps your site grow. With our structured onboarding and tried and tested processes your manual content moderation capacity scales smoothly as volumes increase.

Build User Trust

Trust is built one interaction at a time. Our expert moderators ensure that your content is always living up to your brand promise.

We share global moderation insights internally to be preventive rather than reactive allowing us to catch scams before they ever reach your users.

Enhanced User Experience

We have a customer centric approach to content moderation always striving for minimal user impact and maximum quality of the content displayed on your site.

With our data driven approach we have brought down client refusal rates by as much as 10%

Our proven processes ensure fast time to site while maintaining low false positive rates.

Refine your content quality

Our experienced moderators review your content, allowing or denying it based on detailed guidelines built to support your rules and policies and backed by data driven, best practices for our industry.

Limit your bounce rate and user churn by vetting and moderating your content to optimize for quality.

The biggest players in the online marketplace industry work with us because of our…

Smooth onboarding and implementation

Our dedicated implementation team ensures an efficient transition from your current moderation solution, with minimal impact on your users and with full transparency for you. From start to end!

Multi-lingual, 24/7/365 operational centers

Cultural sensitivity and native level language skills is vital for high quality moderation. We test our agents both linguistically and with logic tests to ensure that we deliver high quality moderation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Transparency and actionable insights

Our moderators are an extension of your team, not a detached unit working in a vacuum. A dedicated point of contact provides you with daily updates and immediately alert you when new trends arise.

Make your decision easy. Contact us for a proof of concept.