Customer support

Don’t outsource your customer support. Extend your team.

Good customer support comes from having agents who truly understand the need and background of the people reaching out to your help center. Agents who care enough to champion your customers while keeping the overall interest of your business in mind.

When outsourcing your customer support you might feel like you are giving up control of your quality levels and you might feel that you risk losing valuable insights from the CS operations.

At Besedo we actively work to ensure that our agents are an integrated part of your organization, even if they are sitting in our offices.

people in a group huddle customer support
  • Daily contact with a direct point of contact.
  • Support agents with fluency in the languages you need.
  • Culture and segment sensitive agents.
  • Flexible staffing, always prepared to handle volume spikes.
  • Proven operations setup and ongoing training.
  • Synergy between moderation actions and CS replies.
  • Combined CS and Moderation result in better customer insights.
  • Monthly client report with stats and insights.

We adhere 100% to your chosen policies, but will give you ongoing feedback and suggestions based on our 18 years of experience and daily interaction with your customers.

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