What to consider when choosing an automated moderation solution

What you should consider before you choose an automated moderation solution 

 Are you stuck at a crossroad trying to decide which automated moderation solution provider to go with? 

There are so many things you need to ensure works with a moderation partner; Are your unique needs and requirements met? Will the provider deliver a high-quality solution? Is the documentation transparent and the integration smooth? Are you supported after the purchase and is the solution well-maintained? And much more… 

With all these parameters to consider, it’s not easy to decide which automated moderation solution provider that suits your marketplace needs the best.  

To help you make that decision easier, we’ve developed a checklist with the questions you should ask both yourself and the solution provider to make sure the partnership will work as smoothly as you want it to. 

Download the checklist here: 
What to consider when choosing an automated moderation solution.

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