How to optimize user experience on online marketplaces

In 2020 it is predicted that user experience will overtake price as the key brand differentiator. To achieve great user experience online marketplaces, need to ensure that buyers and sellers alike can easily achieve their objective when using the site.

For sellers that means being able to post their items with ease and speed, avoiding long, complex posting processes with tons of confusing category choices and loads of information to fill out.

For buyers, it means being able to quickly find what they are looking for and to receive the item they expect.

AI is quickly becoming the key ingredient to achieve great user experience for both buyers and sellers alike. In a recent poll we performed, only 25% of respondents were using AI for content moderation and the same percentage were using AI to better the search experience. That means that most online marketplaces out there have a huge untapped potential for improving their user experience.

To get inspiration on how AI can help optimize user experience on your marketplace watch our webinar “Find the right thing, get the real thing” where Marko Velic, head of data science at Styria data science, and our CEO Patrik Frisk discuss this topic in-depth.

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