3 ways site owners can enforce safety with their user generated content

Sites who operate with user generated content as a business tool have the potential to excel in conversion rates yet work with some unique challenges. Consumers who see user generated content on their purchasing journey have 4.6% higher conversion rates, and consumers who actually interact with UGC have even higher conversion rates, reported as high as 9.6%.

You want to give your users enough leeway to be able to publish creative content that fulfills the purpose of your site, while balancing the right limitations. As a site owner, this isn’t out of your control. Your users are representing your brand identity and credibility. Yes, you didn’t personally generate these messages, but they’re live (or soon to be) on your site, and as such it is your responsibility to take authoritative action when required.

Your site and brand story have their own personality, so consider this when allowing users to generate content on your site. Review user’s posts and ask yourself, “Can I stand by this confidently?” Or is it at odds or possibly even harming your brand message?

Consider the following three best practices when establishing site parameters to keep a tight watch on your brand and overall credibility.

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Abide by legal requirements

Legality is the first step you should concern yourself with if your business is reliant on UGC. In many countries, site owners are liable for any content uploaded by users, meaning you need to ensure everything aligns with both local and international laws to avoid battling lawsuits ranging from copyright infringement to alleged support of human trafficking.

Many websites who offer user accounts with their site will require users to “agree to the terms & conditions” before finalizing the account. While this is a common best practice, also have your content rules and guidelines available on the site for users to reference if necessary.

Aside from the non-exhaustive list of 14 legal steps for UGC that will help minimize legal issues (this list was initially created for nonprofits and social media, but the advice is generally applicable for all sites handling UGC), also consider site-specific guidelines including (but not limited to):

  • Age requirements (users below a certain age will be rejected from posting on the site)
  • Posts must be original content from the user publishing them
  • Images must be original, if not, credited to original owner properly and only allowed if used under the appropriate license
  • Images must be of a certain size or font file for quality assurance
  • From the site owner: Provide site visitors with a point of contact for ongoing user support
  • User account must include a profile image

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Creating clear and readily available guidelines to your users leaves little space for boundaries to be crossed. Not only will these protect you, it creates high transparency for visitors expectations. It will also allow you to clearly communicate the reasons behind your moderation decisions to each poster.

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Human moderation services

Whether you’re new to UGC moderation or need a hand pulling the weight, trained human moderators have a deep understanding of what quality content looks like. Human moderators have the power to limit your bounce rates and increase trust growth.

How does human moderation benefit your website and user trust? Human content moderation experts will:

  • Ensure your content always lives up to your brand promise
  • Catch scams before they reach your users
  • Provide minimal user impact and maximize quality content on your site
  • Base content acceptance or rejection on your site-specific rules and guidelines

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While human moderation offers many benefits, tag-teaming your content moderation strategy with the help of filter automation takes care of a lot of the groundwork. Try pairing your human moderation team with Implio, Besedo’s free content moderation tool, built to bog down inappropriate site content through custom settings.

Incorporate content moderation solutions

Providing users with clear and concise guidelines to follow is a nice-to-have protective blanket, but will not always carry you all the way to safety. For sites both large and small, enforcements need to be in place, to ensure users aren’t abusing the power and freedom of your site to create fraud accounts or manipulate other users on your site to give up personal information.

AI moderation allows for fast, precise results, that are cost-effective and specific to you and your users; this gives the control of content quality back to site owners. Besedo’s moderation team consults with you on your specific content moderation needs so they can train their AI moderation system on “rights” and “wrongs” for what’s allowed and what isn’t.

What’s right for me?

Whether you’ve been moderating your own content for years and think it could be time for a boost, or you are just starting out and want to ensure great quality content from the start, it’s smart to evaluate what kind of moderation assistance your site needs specifically.

Here’s a quick digest:

You have or you require:You should choose human moderationYou should choose filter automationYou should choose tailored AIYou should choose generic AIYou should choose user self moderation
Limited budgetNoYes - Have you met Implio?NoYesYes
Complex site-specific content rulesYesNoYesNoNo
Seamless upload processNo*YesYesYesYes
High accuracyYesNoYesNoNo
High quality content to avoid bad user experiencesYesYesYesYesNo

*Human moderation can be used here as well if you have the budget for it. With the right staffing human moderation can support almost instant time to site.

Ultimately, regardless of your industry focus (whether it’s general classifieds, dating websites, or e-commerce) your moderation needs can be tailored to your specific needs. Ready for your next step in seamless content moderation? Try Implio, our free content moderation tool that allows you to submit 10,000 pieces of content for evaluation, on us. Chat with a Besedo expert to get started on trusted content today!

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