24/7 filter-powered user protection

easy to set up, hard to get around

Automatically filter your content flow for a higher efficiency and better user safety. Curb the onslaught of unwanted content with customizable filters, easily set up to match your site rules, ensuring the quality you need to stay competitive.

Comprehensive filter management

Create and edit rules fast and easy with our intuitive rules editor or custom build more complex rules in the advanced rules builder.

A multitude of possible filter actions

Automatically refuse unwanted content, direct grey area cases to manual moderation or create automated keyword highlights for better quality decisions and higher moderation efficiency.

Custom or industry specific lists

Build lists to facilitate rules that include multiple keywords. Create variations for typos, alternative spellings and more using plain text or regular expressions. Or get started immediately with the free, ready to use lists included in Implio.

Learn how much you can automate with filters