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The Clean Feed Episode 3: Daniel Sandström

In this episode of The Clean Feed, we chat with Daniel Sandström, Editor-In-Chief at Fragbite, Sweden’s premier site for esports. Daniel’s expertise and insights make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of competitive gaming.

We delve into the differences between casual gaming and esports, highlighting the unique skills required to become a professional esports athlete. What does it really mean to be an athlete in the gaming world? Daniel shares his perspective on this fascinating topic.

We also tackle an important issue: the lack of preparedness many gamers have for the potential abuse they may face online. Daniel offers valuable advice on how young men and women can protect themselves and handle these challenges in the gaming community.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that illuminates the esports landscape and emphasizes the importance of creating a safer online environment for all gamers.

Listen here:

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