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Our office

Our Eastern European Center

Besedo opened its office in Iasi, Romania, in 2015 with just a few enthusiastic people eager to grow along with the office.

Our office remains in Iasi, known as the Cultural Capital of Romania and the former capital of Moldavia. Here you find our research & development team, alongside the finance and P&C division, and tactical planning and control division.

Our team in Iasi enjoys a city full of parks, and it’s a charming city to wander around with lots of trendy cafes. Here we work closely with all team members from the other Besedo offices.


Office opening






Languages spoken

Perks & benefits

Flexible working styles

Work-life balance is important to us at Besedo. We provide the benefit of partial working from home and about 80% of our employees choose to do so. We expect many to return to the office in the future. We offer extra days for annual leave based on years of service and vacation schedules are flexible.

Private health insurance

The Romanian healthcare system is mainly government funded, but more and more sustained by the private healthcare system, through agreements with the health authorities. Everyone in Romania has equal access to healthcare all being funded by the taxpayer system. Urgent cases are always prioritized and treated immediately.


At Besedo we take safety very seriously. During the pandemic for example, we took appropriate measures to make sure that our employees would remain healthy. These measures included appropriate sanitation stations, office guidelines as well as the possibility of working from home.

Social events

Collaboration and building positive relationships with colleagues at work is a big part of our culture at Besedo. Our team spends time together outside the office by going to the theatre, to the gym or to play tennis. We also have Christmas dinners together every year.

Energy boost

We take care of your daily energy boost. In the office, you will be provided with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and water daily.


The Romanian office provides internal support for all other offices. Our employees interact daily with people from other countries and cultures. For example, the whole organization is permeated by the Nordic culture based on open-mindedness, schedule flexibility, trust and continuous communication.


The country of linguistics

Romanians are known for their high education level and language skills. Many speak several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. The city of Iasi has a well known university with a wide range of classes, including everything from Linguistics to Technical subjects.

Did you know?

  • The national coin in Romania is called Leu which translates to lion. This is a bit strange as there has never been a lion or anything related to a lion on the face of the coin.
  • The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the worlds largest administrative building with an administrative function and is visible from the moon.