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Marketplace AI & Automation Webinar

The future of romance scams and how artificial intelligence can help you prepare

Together with Steven Baker, former director of FTC, we dive into the issue of romance scams, what AI can do to help prevent them right now and what romance scams will look like in the future.

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Fake profiles and romance scams have been an issue since the beginning of online dating. In 2017, US$ 19,061,703 was lost to romance and dating scammers. Keeping users safe is a continuous arms race as scammers adopt new strategies and tech in their schemes.

How can we fight back and ensure the safety of our users?

Tune in when Besedo and former Director of FTC Steven Baker discuss current and future dating scam trends and how to prevent them.

In this webinar, you will learn

Written by

C. Steven Baker

Former Director of FTC

C. Steven Baker recently retired as Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Midwest Region in Chicago, a position he has held from 1988 until 2016. As the Director of FTC, Steven was the recipient of honorable awards, such as the Consumer Advocate of the Year award from the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators, the FTC Chairman’s Award, the highest agency honor and the Chicago Better Business Bureau’s Torchbearer Award in 2016.

Steve is currently an International Investigations Specialist for the Better Business Bureau, where he recently authored national studies on pet fraud and tech support scams. He is also author of a weekly newsletter on consumer fraud issues that goes out around the world called the Baker Fraud Report.